OJ Simpson's Stolen Heisman Traded for $500, Burgundy Honda Accord

On December 16, 2014, the Los Angeles Police Department recovered OJ Simpson's Heisman Trophy, stolen from the University of Southern California campus 20 years prior. Now TMZ has the story of the trophy's life in exile. Per their report: » 1/18/15 11:00am 1/18/15 11:00am

Honda Accord Tourer - An Aspirational Car For The Everyman?

I've run a Honda Accord Tourer for a week, and it went back today. It's a modern estate car with a diesel engine, automatic gearbox and front wheel drive and costs £30k. And it's the one car that several people said they would actually like to buy. » 11/22/13 12:05pm 11/22/13 12:05pm

Beater Hunt Part 4 - Elusive Prey

In the previous installment of Beater Hunt, I had my eye on four 1996-1997 Honda Accords, two from private sellers, and two from dealers. Clearly I'm not the only hunter in these woods, for two of my potential targets have been bagged already - the white and black low-milers. » 7/08/13 6:21pm 7/08/13 6:21pm

Beater Hunt Part 3 - Targets Aquired

In my prior installments of Beater Hunt, I developed a shortlist of used vehicles in the $1000-3000 range, and identified the 1996 and 1997 Honda Accord as my primary target. » 7/08/13 2:49am 7/08/13 2:49am

Dear Automatch…

Earlier today I promoted this post from reader Automatch who posted in OppositeLock that he was upset you couldn't get a Honda Accord with the 6-speed manual in white. Guess what just arrived at my door along with a note from Honda… » 4/11/13 5:26pm 4/11/13 5:26pm

So I came across this Passat/Accord Comparison...

I didn't really watch it, but just looking at their front fascias next to each other really highlights how similar the Accord's is to the Passat's. I like the Accord coupe, but it still irks me how the sedan's front and rear fascias are really close to the Passat and Genesis (as has been said before). » 2/26/13 2:44pm 2/26/13 2:44pm