Revisiting and Reviewing My First Love

I've been reading bike rags for most of my life, and it's pretty apparent that the first bike anyone has ever owned, much like their first car, holds a special place in their heart. That said, I'd like to half-reminisce, half-review my first bike, the 1978 Honda Hawk 400T. My dad had always had a thing for bikes,… » 8/30/14 7:50pm Saturday 7:50pm

Satoshi's Review: The Hornet Successor (Sort Of)

Now, most of you may recall that I purchased a Honda 919 simply because insurance, parking and fuel happened. I also wanted something I can have fun with on the twisty roads down through Redondo Beach and Des Moines, Burien and Seattle. I was actually impressed with the Hornet's characteristics but I thought,… » 7/27/14 4:03pm 7/27/14 4:03pm

This, if you ask me, is what F1 needs more off..

Race long battle decided in the last few laps; as Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrossa, and Marc Marquez battled for the lead. Dani's late mistake meant Rossi was able to steal away second place in the last lap, though he had been leading for almost half of it. During the victory lap, Rossi fake punched Marquez, and once… » 6/17/14 4:06pm 6/17/14 4:06pm

In case you missed some of the best racing this season; MotoGP 2014…

Lets start by recapping the MotoGP season thus far. Marquez came out victorious in the first race, again in the second race, third & fourth; pleaded the fifth to previous victories to take victory once again, won the sixth, and took Honda's 100 victory on home soil in a 7 streak win. Headline-wise this might sound… » 6/16/14 5:44pm 6/16/14 5:44pm