Winchester Model 94, Saddle Ring Carbine: The Oppositelock Review

The Winchester lever-action is quite possibly one of the most famous guns in the history of guns. Known as one of the guns that won the west, it has appeared in probably every cowboy/western movie, tv show, book and radio show. The 1894 was designed by John Browning in, well, erm, 1894. It has also been used as an… » 9/10/14 5:35pm 9/10/14 5:35pm

To all Jalop gun owners

I'm going to apply for my concealed carry weapons permit as soon as I have the money. I handled a PPK/S at a gunshop in Florida before coming back to Puerto Rico and I liked how it felt in my hand, it was also quite a handsome piece. Haven't had the chance to shoot it yet though. I was interested in it because I… » 8/14/13 7:05pm 8/14/13 7:05pm