Watch This And Learn How To Drive A GT40

It'll Be Interesting To See What The GT40 From Fast Five Sells For

St. Louis Cars And Coffee: October 18th, 2014

For the last two weeks I've been in St. Louis, Missouri. It's where most of my family lives or is from, and each time I visit I try to find different things to check out. This time, I was lucky enough to be invited to a Cars and Coffee event in St. Louis. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I was going - I've been… » 10/21/14 2:50am 10/21/14 2:50am

Brickyard Invitational: Top Vintage Race Yet

If you like race cars, (not even sure why "If" is even possible) then you owe it to yourself to go to a vintage race. I would say in this country, Lime Rock, COTA, and now Indy are the tops, with Indy beating out the rest. Before you West Coasters start yelling "Monterrey!!!", I've been to it. It's nice. » 6/12/14 12:11pm 6/12/14 12:11pm

A Man and a Woman - The Best Racing Action Movie in Disguise

Claude Lelouch's highly acclaimed "Un Homme et une Femme" from 1966 tells the story of (watch this space) a man and a woman falling in love. A romantic film that would be the best movie on racing ever if it was an action flick. » 6/08/14 5:09am 6/08/14 5:09am


First Ford GT40 delivered to Shelby American to cross the block in Houston

The Ford GT40 prototype bearing chassis number GT/104 has been driven by the likes of Bruce McLaren, Bob Bondurant, Phil Hill and Chris Amon. It's been raced in-period at locations like Le Mans, Sebring, Daytona, Nassau and Monza, and…

» 4/16/14 3:19pm 4/16/14 3:19pm