Watch As Grand Theft Auto Plays Out For Real On The Roads Of Russia

It's been a while since we've had some Russian dash cam goodness to share, but we've got a doozy for you today. Do you like high-speed car chases that end with the world's most awkward knife-versus-shovel fight? Then you are going to love this video. » 1/02/14 4:08pm 1/02/14 4:08pm

So, I traded in my Injection for a Coquette

Yesterday, I asked for some help in deciding which vehicle in my GTA:V Online garage should get the boot, in order to make room for a new car. Although the Dinka Blista had the most votes for replacement, the BF Injection was also a popular suggestion. Since I can use my customized Blista in Compact races, and I had… » 11/01/13 4:52pm 11/01/13 4:52pm

The Hunt For The Fabled Youga Van of GTA V Legend...

... Begins now. These awesome things are hard enough to find in Grand Theft Auto V's Story mode, but in the Online mode they're completely non-existent! As you may remember 6cyl posted about it a few weeks ago asking how to find it in the Story mode, and there are several threads about it on various forums, but so far… » 10/27/13 3:14pm 10/27/13 3:14pm