GTA V: Should I Buy It Both on PC and Next-Gen Console?

Am I crazy? I already own GTA V on PS3. I also own a PS4 and a decent PC. I will eventually buy it on PC, sooner or later. I've been making GTA mods for years, and I've been looking forward to doing so with V since it was first announced long ago. This is not a PC vs. console nor a Playstation vs XBOX discussion. » 11/07/14 7:25pm 11/07/14 7:25pm

So, I traded in my Injection for a Coquette

Yesterday, I asked for some help in deciding which vehicle in my GTA:V Online garage should get the boot, in order to make room for a new car. Although the Dinka Blista had the most votes for replacement, the BF Injection was also a popular suggestion. Since I can use my customized Blista in Compact races, and I had… » 11/01/13 4:52pm 11/01/13 4:52pm

Help me pick a car to remove from my GTA:O garage

I'd like to buy a Coquette and maybe an Entity XF when the stimulus package comes in. However, my GTA V Online garage has been full to the brim for a while now. All of my current vehicles have had a lot of money put into them, and each has a role to fulfill. What would you get rid of, and why? Here's my stable: » 10/31/13 3:22pm 10/31/13 3:22pm

The Hunt For The Fabled Youga Van of GTA V Legend...

... Begins now. These awesome things are hard enough to find in Grand Theft Auto V's Story mode, but in the Online mode they're completely non-existent! As you may remember 6cyl posted about it a few weeks ago asking how to find it in the Story mode, and there are several threads about it on various forums, but so far… » 10/27/13 3:14pm 10/27/13 3:14pm

Why aren't you playing GTA online?

Obviously, the launch was a disaster. We were so excited - so very excited - but then we were so disappointed when it wouldn't connect. And then we were so angry when our characters and personal vehicles disappeared into the ether, and so frustrated when that pair of jackasses stalked us through multiple lobbies for… » 10/25/13 4:04pm 10/25/13 4:04pm