Speed is addictive, had to get my fix today

I went to my 3rd Circuit One event at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, NY - my first was back in May at a CT racetrack. Much better experience this time; they brought 4 cars vs 2 at the previous event so the wait was short. Unfortunately, you can't go very fast in a parking lot due to uneven pavement, so next month's… » 9/28/13 11:08pm 9/28/13 11:08pm

The Opposite Locker - Edition IX - Supercar Saturday

This is The Opposite Locker where we try and sort out the cool from the square. You are free to discuss your point of view of the cars, on the board and up to bat, within the comments with an optional use of the "Anna Kendrick Test." This is a discussion system detailing how cool a car is, not how fast, fun, or frivolous … » 5/11/13 7:25pm 5/11/13 7:25pm