One Ford - an engineer says

I was at a press launch last week, the C-Max facelift and the brand new S-Max were introduced to the bottom-feeder class of the European motoring press - yes, that’s what i consider myself. Even though we were invited to Mallorca, it was a fairly run-of-the-mill event, mainly because they made sure we don’t have time… » 4/27/15 10:05am Yesterday 10:05am

New York International Auto Show Day One: #Blessed To Be At #NYIAS

When I was just a wee lad growing up in the green mountains of Vermont there was a car show that took place every June just 20 minutes from home. It was a pretty good size show and featured everything from a Model T to a hot rodded hearse. Even then I felt very lucky to have been exposed to what I thought was a very… » 4/02/15 10:00am 4/02/15 10:00am

Looking for reassurance.

So, I figured I post on here, Just for reassurance and some understanding. I know deep down I am making the wise and logical and most benefiting in the long run but damn it, Does it Suck.

So, Past 2 years or so I have been in school pursuing my Associates Degree and my Paramedic licenses While working full time at a… » 3/30/15 5:22pm 3/30/15 5:22pm