The T-Bird with a 1950 Ford Face You've Always Wanted is For Sale

The tenth-generation Ford Thunderbird, built on the MN12 platform, was the ideal car for the discerning motorist who wanted Mustang performance with the kind of rear suspension Thomas Jefferson advocated for in 1776. Far more grand tourer than sports car, birds of this feather made at most 210 horsepower and weighed… » 9/10/14 4:23pm 9/10/14 4:23pm

Mini-Photo dump from a charity car show in Edmonton

I picked up a wide angle lens earlier this year, but I don't think I have really put it through its paces. So checking out the Crystal Kids Show 'n Shine seemed like a good idea. Lucky for me, and unfortunately for the cars, the rain kept people away, so it was a bit easier to get some of the shots I wanted. … » 9/08/14 12:38pm 9/08/14 12:38pm

G-Wagens can suck it: Coyote 5.0L-powered Defender 110 is here to kick…

Like many, I have a dream garage. It is a constantly-changing thing for me, as new models are introduced, old ones discontinued, flaws found, or availability becomes an issue, so I like to keep my options open. Recently I changed my "off-road-capable luxury SUV money-no-object " slot from an Icon Bronco to the new… » 9/04/14 10:47pm 9/04/14 10:47pm