So I tried to do a couple burnouts...

Turns out I suck at doing them...I did get some okay smoke from the tires but I couldn't hold them and keep the wheels spinning for more than a couple seconds at best. I'm sure the clutch didn't like it either...Next time I'll have someone demonstrate before I do it. Video to come tomorrow of the fail. :( » 9/06/14 1:33am 9/06/14 1:33am

A GT500 Killed a Dyno...and Vice Versa!

You've got quite the power on a GT500 to begin with. Nowadays a stock motor will pump out about 660 HP from off the lot, which is really really impressive. However, not as impressive as this guy. He manages to take what appears to be a 2009-ish GT500 and literally blow the wheels off of the dyno and his car. Talk… » 8/11/14 12:26pm 8/11/14 12:26pm