90's GT Nostalgia with this delightfully cheesy AMG documentary

It's cold and raining so I'm doing what one does when they have lack of ambition combined with poor climate conditions on a weekend: comb the internet for answers to questions that don't really need answering. nFamousCJ sparked my interest in a this particular rabbit hole find with the curious transmission tunnel… » 8/16/14 6:16pm 8/16/14 6:16pm

05/26/96 - The day when Daytona became the new Indianapolis

I remember the days when CART was the sh*t. You can tell it being the case, because it was a time when even the UK and Germany were building their own speedways to accomodate American open-wheel racing. Little did I know it was the slow death of the series that - at the time - was almost in fight for the no.1 motor… » 2/25/14 1:10pm 2/25/14 1:10pm

Livin' the Dream: A Rally Documentary

In this first video of a new documentary series from Subiesport comes the story of a grassroots rally team attempting to finish an event one year after an unfortunate accident that took the life of their friend and teammate. They don't have much; just a reclaimed Subaru Impreza, the love of their lost friend and the… » 2/11/13 6:01pm 2/11/13 6:01pm