Tesla Roadster - The World's Most Important Car

You've probably asked yourself this many times: how the hell did Tesla become so huge? This is a valid question, considering they started out as an indy car manufacturer building a terrible electric sports car, now building the most advanced cars in the world. The jump from the Roadster to the Model-S was a huge one,… » 2/14/15 5:56pm 2/14/15 5:56pm

Random Car Picture Found

Once again digging through old files, found this picture of me sitting in a Delorean that was sitting out for sale near Richland, MI two years ago. It was unlocked, so naturally I got inside, only to find that the doors did not open from the inside. Fortunately I was with my girlfriend, otherwise I would've been… » 1/25/15 5:08pm 1/25/15 5:08pm

Microsoft DeLorean Kills Streaming Game Lag By Predicting Your Next Move

Streaming video games could be so clutch, if it wasn't for maddening lag time. Microsoft researchers have a solution in DeLorean, a "speculative execution system" that predicts what you'll do next and shows you the most likely result—before you've even mashed a single button. » 8/23/14 5:30pm 8/23/14 5:30pm