It's Daytona time - an old photo dump

I'm holed up in a hotel, watching as much of the race as I can. I went to the race a couple years ago, and while I really should have made a detailed post of the adventure at some point (RV, 3 guys, 218 beers, great stories), I figured I would post some photos from the event here. This is just Saturday....I'll… » 1/24/15 6:35pm 1/24/15 6:35pm

Spencer Gallagher's Car DQ'd from ARCA 200 at Daytona

"The final qualifying result report and starting grid was delayed for about two hours after qualifying ended due to post-qualifying technical inspections. The two-lap speeds recorded by Bobby Gerhart, Leilani Munter, Justin Boston, Tyler Reddick and Spencer Gallagher were disallowed by series officials. Gerhart, an… » 2/14/14 8:33pm 2/14/14 8:33pm