Sweden's Patchwork Sports Car, the JC Indigo 3000

This is Cars You Didn't Know About, the feature where I show you some rare and unusual cars that never quite made it into the limelight. In today's edition, we'll be discussing the Indigo 3000, the only car ever produced by a small Swedish firm known as Jösse Cars. » 2/28/14 10:22am 2/28/14 10:22am

The new NSX won't be the first hybrid supercar

This is the 2004 Toyota Alessandro Volta, a gasoline-electric concept car named after the inventor of the battery and styled by Guigiaro. » 9/13/13 5:47pm 9/13/13 5:47pm

1964 BMW Hurrican Prototype (gallery)

1964 Hurrican 1800ti prototype: (Base: Ferrari 250 LM / BMW 1800ti) - 1.8-liter, four-cylinder twin-carbureted engine with 120 hp (89 kW) @ 5,500 rpm and 170 Nm @ 3,600 rpm. 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.5 seconds with a top speed of 121 mph (195 km/h) - Only one unit was produced incorporating the tail lights from…

» 9/13/13 11:26am 9/13/13 11:26am

Cars You Didn't Know About: the Jerrari

Go on. Look at it. Take a minute to bask in the glory that is the Jerrari. In 1969 this was made for a hotel & casino chain owner by grafting the front end and V12 from a Ferrari 365 onto a Wagoneer. In 1977 another was made by putting the V12 into a standard Wagoneer body. That's the one I'd have. » 7/24/13 5:44pm 7/24/13 5:44pm

Cars You Didn't Know About: The Gucci AMC Hornet

Alternate title: Cars You Don't Want. In 1972 AMC rolled out a new version of its Hornet Sportabout (a wagon with a sloping hatch rather than a traditional tailgate) that had an interior styled by Gucci. It was notable for being one of the first American cars to offer a "designer" trim level. » 7/21/13 11:01pm 7/21/13 11:01pm

Cars You Didn't Know About: Laraki Fulgara and Borak

Morocco is not the first country to pop in your mind in terms of sports car manufacturer, but in 1999, Abdeslam Laraki, a local yacht designer, thought of creating a car company now known as Laraki Automobiles s.a. During its existence until 2008, Laraki, along with former Bugatti technical director Dr. Peter Tutzer,… » 7/17/13 2:13am 7/17/13 2:13am

Cars You Didn't Know About– the Fisker Tramonto

Yes, Fisker made cars before the four door Karma. The time when the company was just a small starting bespoke design firm in Orange County, CA, and was named Fisker Coachbuild. The unique Tramonto, one of the two models ever manufactured by Fisker Coachbuild, shares design cues from the BMW Z8–after all, they were… » 7/09/13 5:00pm 7/09/13 5:00pm

Cars You Don't know About - Golf Rallye

How could you top a mk2 VW Golf GTI? How about with a rallye homologation special with box fenders, AWD and a g-lader supercharger. Unfortunately they only produced 5,000 of these and didn't sell them in the US. » 7/09/13 11:15am 7/09/13 11:15am

Cars You Didn't Know About: Sbarro Ionos

The Ionos was designed in 1997 by students at the Espace Sbarro in Grandson school. This took inspiration from the Bertone styled Stratos, and was supposed to be a modern interpretation of it. The engine consists of two Lancia Kapps five-cylanders to make an upturned V10. It was 4800CC, producing 400 BHP. It had a… » 7/06/13 7:07pm 7/06/13 7:07pm

Cars You Didn't Know About: Nick Pugh's Xeno

Nick Pugh is a concept designer, and graduate of Art Center's transportation design program. After leaving Art Center, he went to work designing all sorts of stuff for Hollywood, Disney, and contract work for advanced design centers around the world. » 6/18/13 7:15pm 6/18/13 7:15pm

Cars You Didn't Know About: 1967 Chevrolet Astro 1 Corvair Corsa

The 1967 Chevrolet Astro 1 Corvair Corsa was designed by Larry Shinoda (who you may know from the split-window c2) in order to explore the "visual potential of automobile aerodynamic characteristics" (read: reduce drag). It was launced at the New York autoshow in 1967. » 6/17/13 10:33pm 6/17/13 10:33pm

Shelby GT350 Europa and GT500 Europa

Earlier today I told you about the Mexican Shelby Mustangs. Now I'm gonna tell you the story of the, erm, Belgian Shelby Mustangs. » 6/10/13 11:02am 6/10/13 11:02am

Cars That You Haven't Heard Of: Chrysler/Lamborghini Portofino

Before zee Germans at Audi got their hands on the raging bull, and before Chrysler was bought by everyone and their brother: Chrysler actually bought Lamborghini in 1987. To show where they would be taking the company, and what benifits would come from their new alliance, they (Chrysler) created the Portofino for… » 6/10/13 8:13am 6/10/13 8:13am

Shelby GT350 Mexico

No, Oppo, that isn't a run-of-the-mill 1969 Mustang coupé someone decided to craft into a poor Mach 1 replica with GT350 rocker stripes. It is a legit Shelby GT350, just not the one sold in the United States. It's the one sold in Mexico. » 6/10/13 6:09am 6/10/13 6:09am

Cars You Didn't Know About: BMW Columbus

BMW donated a 300BHP V12 to Ital Design in 1992 which was MID-Mounted in this beast. This was supposed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' trip to America. The idea was supposedly to do a people carrier/sports car/ RV.

19 Feet, 6 Inches long (6 metres), 7 Feet (2.2 metres) wide and over 6… » 6/09/13 2:18pm 6/09/13 2:18pm