Found on Montana Craigslist: Texas Tradition Edition

'87 GMC 4 Door Dually - $6500 (Gillette,Wy.)

'87 GMC ''TEXAS TRADITION'' 4 door dually, 350 motor w/ approx. 42,000 miles, 4 spd. auto. trans, elect. windows and door locks, custom interior w/ overhead lites and switches, CB radio, trailer brakes, 80% tread on tires, custom bed w/ 90 gal. diamond plate gas tank and… » 1/26/15 5:36pm Monday 5:36pm

Update On The Volvo...

Well I still have it. And yes ive been trying to sell but with no luck. Sadly its getting worse. She no longer likes third gear. According to my code reader, my 3-2 shift solenoid is bad and im mis-shifting about 70% of the time. Under acceleration, I go 1st, 2nd..... delay... RPMs dropping, REDLINE into 1st then JERK… » 1/18/15 10:31am 1/18/15 10:31am