Early Mustangs, A Brief History

The production mustang was introduced in April 1964 at the NY Worlds Fair. In honor of the famous pony turning the big five-oh, Mustang clubs all across the country are getting together to celebrate. Here is a short history of early Mustangs. » 4/16/14 2:17pm 4/16/14 2:17pm

Soggy Katie's Cars & Coffee March 29, 2014

I finally made it out to Katies on a Saturday morning again! And of course the weather was terrible. Temperature was alright, but soggy, soggy, soggy. I debated not going, debated turning around when I was halfway there, debated turning around when I saw a bright green Uracco leaving the general direction of Katie's… » 3/31/14 10:22am 3/31/14 10:22am

0-60 in 3.9, 'Ring time of 7:59, reliable and stylish, $20,000.

Not to mention that it has a batshit N/A V8 and RWD. How does the C5 Z06 not get more attention? Sure, there isn't an LS7 under the hood or nice C7-like interior to sit in—but it makes up for those in looks, rawness, and tossability. Definitely one of my favorite cars this side of 2000. Am I wrong here? » 3/29/14 5:34pm 3/29/14 5:34pm