This Was the First Car in Hip Hop

This post originally appeared on DrivingScene. Bentley and Ferrari are currently the toast of the hip-hop world. Jay-Z is partial to Maybachs, while Nicki Minaj is rather fond of her hot-pink Lamborghini Aventador. High-ticket rides go hand in hand with the bigger-than-life personas that rap stars cultivate for… » 12/02/13 11:46am 12/02/13 11:46am

Wonder why Bentley cars fill you with lust? One Word: Embiricos

I was out at lunch today and when I returned to my car, I looked up and saw a Bentley Continental trolling the parking lot for a space. It made me wonder why the fundamental shape of today's Bentley motor vehicles are so stunning. After perusing Bentley's history, I think I found the answer: André Embiricos. » 11/01/13 7:58pm 11/01/13 7:58pm

This one hit the Mark - Iacocca's Most Profitable Product

Walking around Old Town Alexandria just outside Washington DC, I happened upon this beautiful 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III. I remember the old Mark series of Lincoln automobiles when I was a kid, they were swank. Seriously swank. Big, bold, bedecked with fake wood and vinyl, but definitely a status symbol for… » 7/21/13 4:07pm 7/21/13 4:07pm