If You Get a CLA or A3, You Are Doing It Wrong

Last time we met some of you crowned me the automotive internet idiot for comparing a Kia to a BMW. Most of you though, saw the humor and were pretty cool about it. Now keep in mind that comparison was directed at all the people, and there are plenty, that drive BMWs and could care less about performance or dynamics.… » 3/13/14 10:05am 3/13/14 10:05am

Watch Some Guy Take The Doors & Hood Off A Brand New Mercedes CLA

Looks a bit like a chop shop right? Good. Last week our garage at Classic Car Club Manhattan was transformed into a Hollywood movie set, which was supposed to look like a chop shop. I arrived in the morning to see the CLA and was pretty excited to have an opportunity to sit in the car and check it out a bit. » 10/29/13 11:25am 10/29/13 11:25am

The Opposite Locker - Edition XXXIX

This is The Opposite Locker where we try and sort out the cool from the square. This is a discussion system detailing how cool a car is, not how fast, fun, or frivolous it may be, but how well it looks in the cat's pajamas. But, you may be asking, what makes a car cool, anyways? » 10/14/13 6:38pm 10/14/13 6:38pm