The Route for the Cruise after KC C&C

Bergen County Cars & Coffee March 22, 2015

I got really caught up in talking to people and meeting new people, and the 50mm is still wonky with the MFA, so I do really need to get on fixing that, wide open it's way out of focus, but up around F8 it's dead on. Ugh. » 3/22/15 3:55pm 3/22/15 3:55pm

Cars & Croissants: Season Opener

Enjoy yourselves some new wallpapers from my local C&C that kicked back into force yesterday. It was very chilly, but a very good turnout despite the drizzle and flurries. » 3/16/15 8:33am 3/16/15 8:33am

Cars & Coffee Dallas // March 7th 2015

Another month flew by and we are now in March 2015. Last month police presence was quite noticeable. This month? It was at the highest level I have seen since I started shooting Cars and Coffee videos. I asked the staff about it and they informed me that they had arranged it. » 3/14/15 11:20am 3/14/15 11:20am

Cars and Coffee San Francisco 

So somebody took a timelapse video of the Cars and Coffee at Treasure Island, San Francisco this morning. I wish I could have made it out, But I had work at 10am. I was skeptical about the venue being changed from pier 30 over to treasure island, but now I can see that with all those cars, treasure island was a… » 3/07/15 11:13pm 3/07/15 11:13pm

Cars & Coffee Dallas // February 7th 2015

After a wet and cold January we find ourselves in February. The temperature would turn out to be 77 degrees on that day, but the morning still warranted a nice fleece pullover to keep the wind at bay. » 2/16/15 7:10pm 2/16/15 7:10pm

Cars & Coffee Dallas // January 3rd 2015

I really thought this would be it... This would be the first canceled (or should I type postponed) cars and coffee event in the 10 months I have gone. Rain was coming down all week, it was cold, roads were wet... and earlier that week the State of Texas started using road salt for the first time in... well... ever.… » 1/10/15 9:56am 1/10/15 9:56am

Daydreaming at Cars and Coffee - SoCal Edition

What kind of gearhead doesn't think of his dream garage? We read the magazines. We watch the shows. We take a few cars on test drives. We may be fortunate to own one of our favorite cars. » 6/22/14 12:33pm 6/22/14 12:33pm

Birmingham Cars and Coffee

I've gathered all the pictures of cars I've taken on my fancy dancy potato and shall now dump them all. Contains Enzo, F40, Racevan Odyssey, a F&F Supra with a babyseat, and other not as cool stuff. » 6/17/14 4:19pm 6/17/14 4:19pm