Are There Any Cars You Refuse To Own For Personal Reasons?

This is not because the car is bad but because of someone or something you associate with it. I have four cars on there. One which is kinda a shame. This list includes the Dodge Challenger (specifically the 392 Yellow Jacket), the C5 Corvette, the 67 Pontiac Firebird, and a lifted Silverado diesel. All because of this… » 12/30/14 12:30pm 12/30/14 12:30pm

How Is The Chrysler Crossfire?

I keep seeing this one coupe showing up at work. And I'm absolutely fascinated with it. I know it shares bits with the SLK but how is the car overall? I like the price range that they are falling into and could probably get one for cheap in two years. Is maintenance a bitch because the Mercedes underpinnings? Are they… » 12/27/14 11:17am 12/27/14 11:17am

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Car Salesman

People who sells cars are often caricatured as shifty dealers who play loose with the facts, but of course that's just a cartoonish stereotype. Most car salesmen and women are hard-working people trying to win you over and make a deal with any resources they have. Let's look at how one dealer spends his day on the lot. » 12/23/14 4:41pm 12/23/14 4:41pm