If It Wasn't For Audi, The New Focus RS Might Look Like This

As we all know, big grilles are in. They have been for some time now, and I blame Audi. Ever since they joined the upper and lower grilles with a ring of chrome and black plastic inner bits, which I think happened when they facelifted the A3 in 2004/5, we've seen it in various forms in pretty much every market segment… » 2/03/15 6:49pm 2/03/15 6:49pm

A student project I actually like

Tomas Jankauskas was a student at Pforzheim, and his Master's thesis project took inspiration from the Porsche Typ 64, built for the '39 Berlin-Rome race, translated into a revival for its centennial. » 1/21/15 2:39pm 1/21/15 2:39pm

From the Elite to the Proletariat: Flying Buttresses in modern cars

Look closely at the wonderful and subtle 599 GTB above. Besides its muscular tone, it shares a common feature with the recently revealed Ford GT and Acura NSX. Those flying buttresses that only come to show from certain angles. » 1/12/15 6:20pm 1/12/15 6:20pm

Name All The Cars The 2016 Volt Looks Like

The 2016 Chevrolet Volt is here and boy oh boy is it exciting. It's exciting right? That's the word automakers are using to describe their new vehicles right? Jetta, exciting. CX-3, exciting. Camry, excit... » 1/12/15 2:30pm 1/12/15 2:30pm

What's The Most Unique Looking New Car You Can Buy Right Now?

Okay so as you can see my choice is fairly obvious. In my humble opinion the Corvette Stingray is by far the most unique looking car you can currently purchase new from a dealership. » 12/02/14 10:00am 12/02/14 10:00am

A History of Fender Swoopiness

Automobile fenders are like poetry in geometry. In time the fender became an integral part of car design, but started out as a way to keep dirt and rocks from spraying vehicle occupants. Heacock Classic has uncovered a lengthy history of the fender with scads of photography to go along with it. Believe it or not, the… » 9/26/14 8:21am 9/26/14 8:21am

American Dreaming

Right up my alley. After a couple tours in various galleries over the last couple years, it looks like a bunch of retired designers are being interviewed for a documentary about the golden age of American car design. » 9/18/14 8:16pm 9/18/14 8:16pm

In 1986, THIS was the Future, and it was Exciting

Yes. That. The first generation Ford Taurus, the car that more or less normalized FWD, bland styling, and numb handling. The car that set the benchmark for the Toyota Camry to out-bland, For the Future! » 8/08/14 9:44am 8/08/14 9:44am

Maybe I'm odd...

but while watching an old Top Gear today, they were heaping scorn on the design of the E60 5-Series...frankly I think it looks miles better than the E39, and better than a 3-Series from the same time as well. » 6/28/14 9:01pm 6/28/14 9:01pm

These Rejected Star Wars Toy Car Designs Are Incredible

Jalopnik reader phenotyp and car design school graduate was digging through his portfolio recently and turned up these sketches done for Hasbro back in 2008. What are they? Star Wars toy cars. Yes, they're fantastic. » 6/05/14 4:57pm 6/05/14 4:57pm

What is this, I don't even...

A modern day 1960's Formula car? A retro vision of the past? The future? I don't know what to call it or what it is, but you can figure it out and let me know. » 5/19/14 1:37pm 5/19/14 1:37pm

What 650 Miles With Ford's Top Designer Taught Me About Tomorrow's Cars

On day two of my classic Mustang road trip with Ford Motor Co.'s top two designers, Moray Callum and I were concerning ourselves with the future. Not just the future of cars, cities, and design; but our own imminent futures. Because we were driving a half-century-old car, with antiquated brakes, insufficient tires,… » 4/23/14 3:40pm 4/23/14 3:40pm