Peaches 'n Cream

Color matching your wheels is a very difficult thing to pull off. Black on Black is fine. White on white works too if done right. But color matching anything else gets tricky. You have to have the right paint color and wheel combination for it work. Peach on Peach on stock wheels is one way that it doesn't work. I… » 3/05/15 9:17am 3/05/15 9:17am

Sooo.....2016 Camaro, when, where, and what's taking so long??

Believe it or not, this is actually a car I'm looking forwards to this year, or next year? Whenever the hell GM decides to reveal it? » 2/18/15 8:59pm 2/18/15 8:59pm

2016 Chevrolet Camaro: This is the side of it, supposedly.

A camaro6 member managed to grab this pic off of a Facebook thread before the original poster took it down. This comes after an eBay listing sold what it claimed was a 2015 Camaro's driver's side headlight, though said headlight strongly resembled the ones seen on renderings of the 2016 Camaro. » 2/15/15 5:45pm 2/15/15 5:45pm

Im Sold

I dont care that its just a teaser pic, but that profile looks amazing. Along with those head lights i just hope its lighter like we all are expecting. Though id have to wait until their used, so see you in 2020. » 2/13/15 3:33pm 2/13/15 3:33pm

Sometimes A '68 Camaro Just Needs To Stretch Its Legs

Winter is a time when most classic cars are neatly tucked away in some climate controlled environment. This is also true for the above Camaro, except for that one day last weekend. » 1/29/15 6:35pm 1/29/15 6:35pm