Watch a One owner 1967 Camaro Z/28 blast a 10 second 1/4 mile

Ben Wenzel is the original owner/driver of this rare 67 Z/28 Camaro. Only 602 Z/28s were built in 67 and most went to road courses like they were designed for. A few decided to use the high winding 302 cubic inch small block to take on the big blocks and Hemis. Bens Z/28 has been a drag car since day one. Winning at… » 6/20/14 12:28pm 6/20/14 12:28pm

LEAKED: Camaro - Most Improved Secret?

The 2010 Camaro was undoubtedly the most leaked and revealed car of all time. Whether it was legitimate spy photos, GM's own leaked photos, watching it literally beat the shit out of a Decepticon Mustang in the Transformers movie, or the fact that it almost went unchanged from the 2006 Concept – sure as hell kept the… » 5/08/14 9:58am 5/08/14 9:58am

Is this an inside joke I am simply missing? CamEro edition mini rant!

You see that correctly, I spelled it CamEro! I browse the interwebs a lot and all too often find a listing for a person wanting to sell their prized Camero....ummmm... I know everybody has seen this. How can there be this many stupid people who are unable to simply spell the type of car they have correctly? An… » 4/14/14 1:09pm 4/14/14 1:09pm