Turning a blank Latemodel Stock Car into a Beautiful 2014 Corvette

Since this will be my first post on Oppo, allow me to introduce myself! I am Harris Lue, 21 year old Graphic Design Student at East Carolina University with a huge passion for all things car, and I work for my best friend Kenny Forbes' race team designing his cars and all promotional materials. » 10/17/13 1:28am 10/17/13 1:28am

First C7 Seen In the Wild Today

...Holy Hell does it look good! I remember it looking fantastic when it was on the auto show stand, but it looks even better in natural light! » 10/11/13 6:05pm 10/11/13 6:05pm

Well That Didn't Take Long

Yup, that there image right there is a C7 Corvette getting cosy with a rock wall after rubbing a guardrail. One of the cars shown off in a video not long after its official unveiling, this snap of a broken blue 'Vette was given to Digital Corvettes reader gpetry, who had this to say (well, type): » 2/12/13 8:38pm 2/12/13 8:38pm