Uploaded/linked pics not showing for me?

In my own posts on the FP. Happened yesterday, and thought I just got Kinja'd. But now I posted this: http://jalopnik.com/sometimes-a-co... » 12/17/13 10:29am 12/17/13 10:29am

So, this still happens.

Mostly only at home on my Chromebook. Usually a refresh or two will get me where I want to go, which is to see all the separate recommends of posts I made... I wish they'd condense that. Hey, there's an idea..... separate notifications for "likes" and "replies". » 10/18/13 8:16pm 10/18/13 8:16pm


I changed my name to be funny yesterday, and tried to change it back but there's a 30 character limit on user names now NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! » 8/17/13 12:24pm 8/17/13 12:24pm

Strange Oppo glitch

So if I view a new article at the top of the screen, then use my browers back button, it will start with an older post (say 45 minutes old) at the top, with a load newer stories button above it. Anyone else see that? » 4/22/13 7:15pm 4/22/13 7:15pm

STILL can't annotate photos on the FP

Anyone else? The crosshairs show up, but nothing happens when I click. BUT, If I open the page in IE, it works... I think. » 3/26/13 3:02pm 3/26/13 3:02pm

Is someone deleting comments again? Is Nibbles eating them too now?

Or do annotations only SOMETIMES show up in the comments. I'm looking at you, Volvo V60 wagon post. » 3/11/13 2:05pm 3/11/13 2:05pm

Guys I'm scared

Someone or something added a bunch of gifs to the small Emma Watson .gif dump I made earlier, and it wasn't me. THERE ARE GHOSTS IN OPPO! HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIVES CUZ THEY EDITIN' EVERYBODY!

EDIT: That was me adding the video, not the GHOSTS.

GHOSTS » 3/09/13 9:24pm 3/09/13 9:24pm

So, about the ability to dismiss any oppo comment you want?

Gawker IT is aware of it, and are working on it. Got a e-mail last night. Guy asked me if there was anything else he could help with. I had to bite my tongue SO HARD. » 3/07/13 1:59pm 3/07/13 1:59pm