America, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

Glad to see that the overall Boston Bombing saga has come to a close. Times like these call for extremely patriotic celebration and seeing how "America, FUCK YEAH!" has been done to death, I thought I should do something different. » 4/19/13 11:11pm 4/19/13 11:11pm

Jalops Keep an Eye Out!

From @NPR: police are looking for #BostonMarathon bombing suspect in a silver Honda CRV, MA tag 316-ES9, headed toward NYC from Boston.From @NPR: police are looking for #BostonMarathon » 4/19/13 9:47am 4/19/13 9:47am

A Nice Thing Patton Oswalt Wrote After The Boston Marathon Bombing

In the wake of events like today's, there's always an outpouring of "thoughts and prayers" and other sorts of well-intentioned signs of support from people all over social media that you almost get numb to it, if you're not already numb from the event itself. » 4/15/13 9:58pm 4/15/13 9:58pm

Explosions At The Boston Marathon; 3 Dead, Scores Injured

Minutes after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon at 2:50 p.m., reports started rolling in. We began this post soon after, with chronological updates continuing through the evening. Some photos might be graphic. » 4/15/13 3:07pm 4/15/13 3:07pm