Cars that time forgot - Bitter SC

Oh boy, have I got a hell of an oddity for this installment. This is like buying a piece of luggage at a thrift store only to discover a secret stash compartment full of blow and cindi lauper tapes wrapped up in some bell bottoms...It just leaves you feeling very confused as to what exactly happened here and what that… » 11/12/13 2:12pm 11/12/13 2:12pm

The NASCAR Chase to the Sprint Cup is broken and I'm bitter.

(Preface: I've been a Jeff Gordon fan for as long as I can remember so if this next post seems biased, kindly find the nearest garbage disposal, stick your dominant hand in, and flip the switch to the 'On' position) » 9/08/13 11:52pm 9/08/13 11:52pm

Next Best Thing: Ferrari 400 versus Bitter SC

There are times that it's best to let dream car ownership remain a dream. Whether the car you really want sits totally outside of your price range or is affordable but plagued with nightmarish upkeep costs, there are plenty of reasons to look at more sensible automotive alternatives. » 6/06/13 8:23am 6/06/13 8:23am