I finished building up my bike today.

Oh god, I hate Avid Brakes so much. spent 4 bloody hours rebleeding and bleeding them. So want Shimano brakes. Anyways, this is the greatest bike I've owned. More after the break. » 3/14/15 10:26pm 3/14/15 10:26pm

One argument for a smaller gas tank

Apologies for the verticalness of this video. But seeing a dude to a trackstand while balancing a propane tank on his head is worth it. Humans are amazing. » 2/19/15 9:57pm 2/19/15 9:57pm

ADEQUATEMAN on How to Ride a Bike in the City. 

Garrett Kamps pretty much nails bike thieves here: "bike thieves are up there with cable providers and Red Sox fans on the list of the world's worst people, but until they make meth less delicious, we're going to have to deal with them. I think my personal strategy is the best: Ride a shitty bike." » 1/15/15 4:50pm 1/15/15 4:50pm

Frasier teaches how to ride a bike 

A while ago, this video from Mulholland Drive caught a LOT of cyclists' attention. Not every collision is caught with such good framing (kudos to Rnickeymouse). » 1/13/15 2:44pm 1/13/15 2:44pm

Mountain bikers annoy you? Don't try to kill them. 

We humans sometimes have a hard time sharing space with each other. And if you are a cyclist. you know this very well. Whether you're a roadie or a mountain biker, there are always people who don't like you (and let's be honest — sometimes we cyclists tick people off, and sometimes others do stupid things that tick us… » 1/07/15 10:37pm 1/07/15 10:37pm

And up and ... ow. ow ow ow. 

You are Anthony Condon, an experienced cyclist from Sydney, Australia. You're out on a group ride with some friends, having a great time, doing about 30 mph on a wide, relatively smooth road. And then... you are fucked up. » 1/05/15 7:33am 1/05/15 7:33am

Colombian cyclist survives attack while training

Young BMC team cyclist Darwin Atapuma was attacked by robbers apparently trying to steal his bike while he was on a training ride in his home town of Tuquerres, Colombia, reports Velonews. » 1/02/15 12:53pm 1/02/15 12:53pm

Who's the male Marianne Vos? 

Women's cycling, like the majority of women's sports, is overshadowed by the male equivalent. The Tour de France is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to media, even in the post-Lance era. Road geeks may delve deeper, into the Giro d'Italia, the Vuelta a Espana, and many other races. » 12/31/14 12:37pm 12/31/14 12:37pm

Peter Sagan is a hell of a bike rider. He's a bit of an eccentric, prone to popping wheelies on his uber-expensive road bike, and seems to have more fun than the average ProTour rider. And it doesn't hurt his results (2014 Green Jersey for most points in the Tour de France). Combine that with only being 23, and you… » 12/28/14 11:29am 12/28/14 11:29am