Evo does Best Motoring, and it's GREAT

If you haven't heard of Best Motoring, you're a bad car fan. Very bad car fan. Go sit in the corner and scour YouTube for every video they did from 1987-2011. As for everyone else, enjoy this little love letter to the Japanese track battlers as evo puts race drivers in road MINIs and road testers in race MINIs for a … » 2/20/15 12:59pm 2/20/15 12:59pm

Used Safety Gear: Yay Or Nay? UPDATE

I'm looking at getting a helmet for autocrossing, and I came across a pretty good deal on my local kijiji: $400 CAD for a Simpson Speedway RX, G- force racing boots, a race suit, race gloves, and a collar, all in my size (apparently). Seems like a pretty good deal, assuming the previous owner doesn't have deadly BO. … » 2/18/15 4:15pm 2/18/15 4:15pm