Asshole Drunk Driver in my Neighborhood. 

What compels you to get loaded, then load up all your friends in a sports car and almost kill literally every person you passed on the road tonight, I have no clue, but I do know one thing, Karma was not far behind. I feel sorry for your injured friends but they should've stepped up and stopped you, I wish I could… » 3/07/15 2:12am 3/07/15 2:12am

Asshat Parking: Wrong Way Edition

We all know how the H3 is universally brilliant and well-liked pointless and driven by douches, and, well, this one took it to a new level, and somehow parallel parked the wrong way on a ONE-WAY STREET. I know what you're thinking, "he just pulled out of that alley way across the street, and saw the spot so he went… » 9/25/14 1:00pm 9/25/14 1:00pm

Fun times at the police station with a crazy xB driver last night

As I was cruising at 70 in a 65 in the left lane, an xB ahead of the car in front of me merged into the right lane, and slowed. As I approached the xB to pass, merging traffic was joining the highway and the xB driver slowed and signaled to move back into the left lane, in front of me. I was going much faster and saw… » 9/19/14 2:06pm 9/19/14 2:06pm