Tudor United Sportscar Championship Team Entries Released

Last Friday IMSA released the full entry list for the upcoming 2014 Inaugural Tudor United Sportscar Championship. It is looking like it will be a blast to watch. Needless to say, I am excited; you should be too. Yes, I know Rennsport released one of these on Saturday, but I was mostly done, so I figured I'd finish it. … » 12/10/13 10:12am 12/10/13 10:12am

Petit Le Mans Is The End Of An Era

This weekend, American sports cars ends its divided era with the final ALMS race. Grand Am finished its series three weekends ago, and next time all those cars race they'll be sharing the track. So usher in the future and watch the final race live... if you can. » 10/18/13 1:08pm 10/18/13 1:08pm

DP, P2 specs frozen, possible global unification in 2017

The LMP2 and Daytona Prototype specifications have been frozen through the 2016 season. Previously it was announced that the Tudor United SportsCar Championship (USCC) would look to merge the classes for the 2016 season. This news also implies the ACO will be involved and may adopt the same specifications worldwide. » 9/23/13 2:22pm 9/23/13 2:22pm