well, might as well throw in what I have.

I'm feeling down, And i really, truly dont know why.

Mom and dad are around and happy, dad has been flying around on business trips quite a lot lately.

I get to use his car (A3 TDI) when hes not around, so thats a plus.

I'm in a reasonably well off family, no debts or anything.

I have FOUR freaking motorcycles in the garage (granted, I can only ride one...and I dont like riding that one...the other three are: no front brakes, no tags, and no tags+no lights)

I do have a job that pays OK for the summer, even though I've pretty much finished all of my work, and I get the feeling they are going to fire me because I was TOO productive (although mom works at the plant and she is higher up HR, so I doubt that)
I'm working 10 hours a day for 4 days a week, so I can take fridays off. Dont really do anything on fridays though.

I have enough money to get around....but i just lent 1.9K to a friend and so right now i have nothing really...I do expect to see that money back by the end of the week and its pay-week this week, so there's another $1000 for me to put towards school

Girlfriend...she just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe and she says she misses me....but....she doesn't reply to my texts or FB messages all the time. I get the feeling I just missed her more and I'm being clingy...but still....

I have a feeling I should be happy...but I'm just not....

Any ideas?