Every year I take the same trip at Christmas that takes me into the high deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. About the only timeI make use of my Kindle and read "books" is during flights. After reading many of Doug DeMuro's articles, I decided that his would be my travel book this year.

I enjoyed the book and the content, as well as his self-depricating humor. It's good to have someone other than just the reader to share how foolish his car choices can be while reading. Just the idea that someone who has worked for Porsche, seeks out cars like the E63 wagon and a Lotus Elise, can find himself driving a Cube lets the reader know that there's a level out there that someone forgot needs an air bubble.

More interesting is reading about his Cube, while driving the same car as a rental for several days. The choice between the 20 or so midsize cars started as, [pointing] "Anything, but the Cube." This was soon followed by, "What's the 70's shag carpeting doing on the dash?" And then, "I guess 33 mpg isn't too bad." However the second rental of the trip was a 2014 Buick LaCrosse V6 (300+ hp) that got 5 mpg less and was a much nicer ride. Luckily the selling point on renting the Cube couldn't be more correct: "When will you ever drive one again?" Is never good for you? It works for me.

Having purchased (leased?) the Kindle edition, it's now been loaned to my father (for up to 14 days), who is the same guy that had me holding the flashlight on his 1972 LS5 ElCamino while he worked on it during my childhood. This is the same guy who held the flashlight for me while I swapped out the busted 10-bolt in my 72 Buick GS350 after it failed to launch at the dragstrip after having put a .040 over Buick 400 in it.

My biggest criticism is the lack of flow and need to reference that certain vehicles have already been discussed. But that's understandable since this wasn't written as a stand alone book, but a compilation of several articles. It reminds me of the automotive version of the Patrick McManus books I read as a child.

One thing this book did do, is support my searches using the following keywords: CL65, CL55, SL55, E55, E63, CLK55. To those I also add 2005 GTO and 2006 GTO.

This is a definite read if you want to both feel sorry for and jealous of the author at the same time.