What's Your Favourite Driving Game Glitch or Cheat?

△ → ↑ ↑ ☐ O L1 L2 X—Oh hi! I didn't see you there. Do you remember the old days looking in a video gaming magazine for cheat codes to copy for your games? Adding codes to GameShark to enable bizarre cheats? Hilarious game glitches (*cough* Goldeneye N64 *cough*)? Those was the good old video gaming days.

Lazily cheating your way through a difficult game is always fun, but those days are long gone because modern day online gaming doesn't welcome cheaters. Therefore making video gaming less entertaining for those who like to have fun cheating. Glitches are still around and they can be entertaining to watch.

My all time favourite glitch in Gran Turismo 3 and 4 is the ability to do a high speed wheelie with a high powered car on a straight stretch of Test Course track. Doing a wheelie while spraying sparks isn't the wild part; your car can reach speeds as fast as over 1,700km/h or over 4,000km/h with a specific GameShark cheat enabled (GT3 only). Here are the instructions to do a wheelie. Note, the adjustments apply to other cars with at least 1,000bhp after turbo and/or engine upgrades.

If you still have GameShark, PlayStation 2, and Gran Turismo 3, add then enable the "jump" cheat. Pressing and holding the L1 button during gameplay in GT Mode will make your car fly upward and float in the air. Apply the adjustments as provided in the instructions, accelerate, and then as soon as the front wheels are off the ground, press and hold the L1 button. Your car will become a jet plane but in a car form, rocketing down the long straight stretch of track at insane speeds. Yes, you'll crash into a barrier when approaching a turn, but if you let go of the L1 button before approaching the turn, your car will land smoothly then slow down to normal speeds two thirds way around the long turn. If you crash into another car, you'll be spinning unstoppable for several seconds. Sadly, you won't be able to see your car floating in the midair in the replay movie. For some reason, the replay movie shows your car constantly spinning and crashing into barriers and cars, which didn't happen during the actual gameplay. Oh yeah, that's a glitch, heh.

Since GameShark is no more and we brutally destroyed our much-hated PlayStation 3, we don't know if this glitch is also in Gran Turismo 5.

What's the funnest glitch to watch and/or cheat to use in a driving game?