NPOCP ...ReduxS

Remember this guy from yesterday? I'm skipping it and here's why.

I E-mailed the guy with a list of questions and he got back to me pretty promptly after I texted him and found out he never got it the first time through. I'm going to post his answers inline with my original E-mail...

Oh, he also put up another, slightly more detailed ad.

  1. Do you have a CARFAX or an AutoCheck? I kind of need one to move forward and a CARFAX is only $40 to run. no - you are welcome to run one if you want I'll give you VIN (I will never understand why people aren't willing to spend $40 to potentially sell their car, unless they already have and know it's not a clean history.)
  2. Are you the original owner? If not what's the car's history? no , i do not know
  3. Why are you selling? need something bigger , not so loud (Oh, so that's what the 3.5" pipes are for. Great.)
  4. Do you have any more pictures that you can send me? I'm especially interested in the minor cosmetic issues you mentioned. i have plenty of pics i can send (None were included and I'm not asking for more now.)
  5. Why was the car recently painted? it had a horrible paint job on it , the paint is OK not great
  6. When was the last time you had serious maintenance performed on the car? Was it preventative or repair work? new ad has more info (I've included the link to his new ad up top.)
  7. Is the engine a 1.6 or a 1.8? 1.6L (At least now I know no one ever swapped the bigger engine in.)
  8. I'd like to know if you still have the following stock equipment: do not have stock equipment
  9. Do you Auto-X or track this car at all? I have not autocross or track this but I'm sure it has been in the past
  10. What kind of brakes are installed? do not know - but new rotors/calipers/pads
  11. Has this car ever had a turbo installed? as far as i know no turbo ever installed
  12. Is the entire exhaust 3.5" or is there just a 3.5" tip on it? If it's the whole exhaust can you elaborate on why you chose that? i'm pretty sure it is a race exhaust of some sort - i do not know

He also added:

this is not a perfect car - needs some work to finish off — there are missing cracked interior pieces , it needs the drivers side mirror , I have the passenger mirror , both windows are off track , soft top convertible window needs to be replaced, missing rear valance finish pievce by license plate, A/C is original R12 — needs Freeze12 or retrofit to 134a
this is a great car if you want something set up for autocross or track that is still street legal - something you can drive to the track and not have to trailer

So that's that, he bought it like this and it's in worse shape than the pictures let on. If I was looking for a project car this might be a NP but since I need a daily... CP.