Notification Numbers: Porsche 718S

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A little about the 718 from memory. Basically it was Porsches updated 550 Spyder. It had a 1.5 liter engine making 140ish horsepower. It had many different variants. It was first produced in '57, but as time went on they improved upon its design. In 1960 Porsche made it faster and renamed it the Rs60. It won the 1960 edition of the 12 hours of Sebring, which was one of Porsches first major overall endurance race wins. They made a special edition Boxster celebrating this in 2008. It was a Boxster with like 5 extra horsepower and a pretty color combo. My dad bought one foolishly thinking it was going to gain value because it was a special edition. He is smarter now, I swear. ( In all honesty I'm 99% sure that is just what he told my mom so she would let him buy another car)

He sold it but here is a model he still has:

Notification Numbers: Porsche 718S

After the RS60 there was the creatively named RS61 in 1961. Besides a couple class wins, it is only notable for once being rolled by Sterling Moss a couple years ago. He totaled it like 3 weeks after he bought it for 1.5 million.

Other versions of the 718 included the RSK, which was the predecessor to the RS60, The W-RS, which had a Flat-8, The GTR-Coupe which won Targa Floria, and a couple open wheeled versions for F1/F2.

Notification Numbers: Porsche 718S

The 718 also had a class win at Le Mans, 3 Targa Floria Wins, and multiple hill climb championships.

Notification Numbers: Porsche 718