My RX-7

So I posted my coilover kit on here a while back, and now the thing i installed so I thought I'd post some pictures. It isn't very low as winter is coming and clearance may become an issue.

The coilovers in the crash like a bitch on the front when I go over bumps, which we're hoping to remedy somehow.

There's a list of things it needs so long it would just depress me to type it all out her, but I've got a FC 13B, which needs an intake/carb, waiting patiently. If anyone has a 48 IDA Weber/has a line on a cheap one let me know.

P.S. It may look like it has leprosy, but that's just the result of two different coloured cars, a hole in the door filled by that o-so-miraculous bondo and a can of flat black spray paint.