What Car Are You Sick of Seeing on Car Forums?

We love cars! However, seeing people talking about the same car everywhere you go on the Internet can become increasingly annoying and tiresome. Sometimes it can go too far to the point you'll find yourself on the verge of losing your appreciation for the car, despite your love for it.

There is nothing wrong with popular cars that are often mentioned among the car enthusiasts across the car forums. They can be reasonable, practical, affordable, easily maintainable, and fun to drive. Some people may feel like it cheapens their appreciation for their favourite cars when they're being mentioned repeatedly.

What Car Are You Sick of Seeing on Car Forums?S

For me? The answer is always a MIATA! *groans* Miata used to be a popular cute little roadster in the old days, but now everybody drives them. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Everybody across the Internet talks about them every bloody day. I need an extension for my Internet browser that blocks anything related to Miatas.

What car do you feel like you've lost the appreciation due to their popularity?