SO, seeing as how there is a sub blog for trucks, a sub-blog for planes ,a sub-blog for army stuff....WHY IS THERE NO SUB-BLOG FOR MOTORCYCLES?!?!

really, there are a surprising amount of oppos tht have bikes, and yet we have no where to talk about it on our own. we feel like we are taking up valuable space on Oppo for something thts kinda/kinda not related. (or this is the excuse i'm using)

If the problem is a lack of mods, I for one will gladly volunter my time. I spend enough of it on oppo anyways. I'm sure I could find a couple of others who are willing to help.

So who do I need to speak to and how many virgins do I need to sacrifice to get this thing to happen?

EDIT: so, there IS rideapat, HOWEVER, that is a blog maintained by Wes Siles for the rideapart website, and judging by the looks of it, it has been abandoned (no one has posted ANYTHING since January, and even before tht, it was just wes with weekly updates), so there goes asking for posting privilages. I want to start something a LOT more mainstream.

EDIT 2: tagged as $kaybait, maybe she can help us

EDIT 3: ok, so a bunch of people have shown intrest in this. if anyone is willing to help moderate the page, I think we would have a better chance at getting this thing off the ground if we had a list of would-be mods to show we are serious

so far the mods would be:

Peter Negru (me)
exizeo - still loving fourza

also, before I get too excited about this, would there be any costs involved? Being a uni study on a budget of...well, nothing, doesn't exactly play into my favour here