I am not a troll. I do not troll for the sake of trolling. I poke fun at people with inflated egos and reply to rantings with logic, presented in a funny way.

Victorias Secret. Can we not have a conversation? Do you perceive me to be slighting you by replying with logical statements?

Exhibit 1:

V: The internet experts, once again, will miss the point of the car.


The 3, the Focus, in some aspects even the Dart and Golf are better for you if you want higher quality fit and finish and better driving dynamics.

By comparison, there are A LOT MORE drivers on the roads who do not give a flying fuck about such things. Hence, Corolla.

I wouldn't buy one, that doesn't mean I can't respect why it exists

Waymoe: "higher quality fit and finish and better driving dynamics."

What does this mean? Fit and finish is Kimi no? I have droven Darts, Golfs, Mazda3, Focus, Sonatas and Velosters. They are the same inside. The veloster was not great but I can not complain because it has odd number of doors and I have even number of arms. The Corolla is the same as these cars, it is just a Toyota. The corolla isnt designed to go very fast or corner very fast and neither are any of the cars mentioned above. They are all the same, you just perceive them to be different because you are angry. I will offer you a hug. But no hand stuff.

Am I trolling him? Do I deserve a dismissal or do I deserve a reasonable answer to my rebuttal? I think we all know the correct choice of actions is to defend your claim and then we can move on as adults.

Exhibit 2:

V: Everything that makes the 3 better to enthusiasts (and as such is marketed as being more enthusiastic) is something that the average Corolla buyer DOES NOT give a damn about.

They'll look at both, but the Mazda is marketed as being more sporty and more this or more that and the Corolla guy will say "Okay, but I don't want any of that"

Toyota knows their market, they know HOW to market the car and they know how to get the sales from that market. You want Toyota to change their car to appeal to a market that is already well serviced and to cater to a bunch of internet experts who wouldn't be buying their car in the first place no matter what it was

Waymoe: They are the same car. You say yourself it is just marketing. Stop fighting the bad fight. Fight the good fight, the one with kittens

I present to you 2 pieces of evidence. After review of the facts you shall see that I am no troll. I simply present my arguments in certain ways, ways many of you also use. VS is the internet expert and I am merely the internet user, I know my place from now on. I have consulted the internet experts and the finding is that Victoria's Secret is that she is a bitch. A dismissive bitch. or thundercunt, depending on the wordsmith who is smithing the words.