GT6 Nürburgring Production Car Time Trial Competition

GT6 Nürburgring Production Car Time Trial CompetitionS

Welcome to the GT6 Nürburgring Production Car Time Trial Competition.

This is an open invitation to run any production street car, in stock form, around the Nordschleife in an effort to compile a comprehensive list of Green Hell lap times for the street cars of Gran Turismo 6.

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To participate your car must be considered a 'production' model', all modifications must be removed, and it must be equipped with the default tires it was purchased with. Oil changes, body rigidity restoration, and engine overhaul are allowed, as are custom rims and paint. Custom aero parts are not allowed.

All laps are to be run in 'Free Run' mode. Go to Garage>Test Drive>World Circuits>Nürburgring Nordschleife Weather: Variable / Time: Variable. Time and weather settings are open. Figuring out the ideal conditions should be a bit of a challenge.

It is your choice between manual or automatic transmissions. The Driving Line is optional. Active Steering is prohibited. Traction Control is optional. Active Stability Management is prohibited. ABS is optional. Skid Recovery Force is prohibited (off). Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge (found under Course Settings) must be set to 'Real'. This one is easy to miss.

To be counted a lap must be considered clean and legal. No contact of any kind with barriers or cones, and with at least two wheels of the same side of the car on or inside the white line or adjacent red/white curbing throughout the lap.


GT6 Nürburgring Production Car Time Trial CompetitionS


GT6 Nürburgring Production Car Time Trial CompetitionS

Post your time in the comments section with the full car name, your PSN name, the full lap time, the date the lap was run, the tires used and the PP of the car. Weather and time settings should be included as well. Please save your replay for posterity. I can also upload fast and unique laps. It is also good form to include a photomode picture from your run, just so we can ogle the pretty cars.

Don't feel obliged to run the fastest cars, but glory awaits the fastest of the fast. The more diversity the better, however, again, please stick to 'normal production' cars. You can run a car that someone else has already run. Rankings will be sorted fastest car first with slower drivers in the same car listed underneath.

This is an open ended competition. We will maintain this list until the next version of Gran Turismo launches.

Photo Credit - clacksman