​Good Night, Green Cheese Pies

Thank you for participating in today's QOTD. If you missed it, here it is: What Was Your Failed Automotive New Year's Resolution? Here's my nomination for the 80's Tuesday. Pretty sure that's a Lambo, dude. What? Oh, no, no, I'm not trolling because that is a Lambo, dude! (more after the jump)

This bizarre minivan concept car has huge gullwing front doors and a front-mounted V12, the same engine found in a Lamborghini Countach (how more 80's can you get?). It was designed by Bertone, so, it's not exactly a Lamborghini. However, no one will dare to call you a "Minivan Driver" or a "Football Mum" if you pick up your kids from school in that superminivan. Click here to see a video about it.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be away again until sometime later in January. If you want to catch up with all the missed QOTDs, you can find all of them in one place by going to The Zorro's Corner.

I wish everyone a great New Year's Eve!

​Good Night, Green Cheese PiesS

Baking tip: The Preheat light on your oven is the equivalent of the Check Engine light, and you can't trust it and depend on it. That being said, your oven's built-in thermometer has been a lying sack of poop the whole time you've had it! Fraud! Hypocrite! Here's why: the built-in thermometer is on the bottom of the compartment, and the heat comes in from the top. The upper part of the compartment gets hot first long before the lower part. The heat gradually shifts lower within minutes. Always wait at least 15 minutes for the entire compartment to reach the same temperature (up to 200ºC or 400ºF, longer for higher temperatures). It's recommended to have an oven thermometer gauge hanging to the middle of the centre rack, so, you'll know the exact temperature for the entire compartment.

I'll see you sometime in January, cheers! :)

​Good Night, Green Cheese Pies

(Top photo: 1988 Lamborghini Genesis Concept by Bertone; bottom photo: tyropites)