Feeling Like Warren Buffett

Good news! Sorry I haven't been around much, just too busy. I finally sold Ford today which made me think of you guys. Really funny how lucky I've been getting (knocking on wood).

About 5 years ago I found myself eating at this place called Tim Hortons. So I bought a bunch of stock in it. Heard BK was talking about buying it, score. Figure I would keep it till the buyout plays out. Broker called me telling me to sell last week, I said no I'll wait. At that very second a car turned in front of me. I laid on my brakes swerving at the last possible second. Probably the closest call I've been in. Picked up my phone I dropped and told him to sell instead, at it's high. Might have missed out on a few bucks, but a 170% investment gain is nice.

A month before this I uploaded all my stuff to "the cloud" that my university graciously supplied to me. I thought about the safety of this cloud and did some research on cloud security stocks. Bought a bunch as well as IBM. IBM announced the next day that it will focus on the cloud. All the cloud stocks I bought went up. Great. Then some hacker steals a bunch of nudes from this cloud and suddenly all my cloud security stock shoot up. Double win.

Guess I'll be able to pull off a new car sooner than I thought. Hope everyone is doing good.