Aww Crap, Wiesmann Is Dead

Well, it sounds like it's for real this time. The wonderfully bonkers little German carmaker Wiesmann has kicked the bucket, it appears, and for good. They filed for bankruptcy recently, but couldn't attract any backers, so debt got the best of them. No more BMW M-powered, tastefully retro-styled sports car for us.

Aww Crap, Wiesmann Is Dead

I'm kind of sad, because I really liked Wiesmanns. They looked like Jaguar XK120s, but with ridiculously curvy butts. Wonderful. And with that sweet, sweet M power under the hood they were what Morgan would be making now if someone had told them the war is over.

Still, with more than 20 years of existence, they've had a good run for that kind of company. I hope we don't forget them. The little Gecko will now join all the other sports car makes that left too soon and hoon around with them on the great racetrack in the sky. So long, weird little emblem. Say hello to Facel Vega for me.

Source : Auto Express.

Pictures : Wiesmann.