I've been getting a lot of strange looks at work over the fact that I sold my B7 A4 for one 10 years older, and nearly double the mileage as the B7. Honestly, I got an offer that I simply couldn't resist on my B7. It was more than fair, and I could use a little more pocketed cash. I also felt that I wasn't "connecting" with my B7 enough. It didn't have enough character, it did have mood swings and got all fucky. (I'm looking at you everything to do with oil) The upside I mainly see is that I actually could afford more parts, better performance goodies and start getting a little more into my currently rather low motorcycle budget. I still baby the crap out of it, and am still overprotective of it. But when people judge me over the fact that I bought the older version of the same car, I just feel is unacceptable. It's going to be a labor of love that I actually can afford to put my time, and effort into the car. I don't give a shit if I go over the amount that I bought the car. I can always part out the performance parts, and cut my losses over the repair bills.

If you sat through all of that, Thanks.