Thanks AWD

For allowing me to casually parallel park in 5 - 10 inches of snow on a hill everyone else is stuck on / can't park their cars. » 1/05/14 7:55pm 1/05/14 7:55pm

Hey Oppo! I'm back after a jalopbreak.

Fuelled by being so damm busy right after finals during Christmas and new years, I had an unintentional break from all of you...

But, I have returned.
With my Camry. Oh yes. » 1/05/14 7:26pm 1/05/14 7:26pm

Photos from PDX C&C - 04 Jan 2014

Even though it was a pretty cold Saturday morning, it didn't stop people from coming out to PDX C&C. There was a good turn out of Audis, along with two blue Lotuses, a Noble and an extremely decked out SL55 AMG. » 1/05/14 7:23pm 1/05/14 7:23pm

Car books..?

Just a couple I took off the bookshelf to peruse, anyone got anything interesting car-wise? (I'll also try and look out a giant hardback I have from the early 80s which is mostly 50s-70s concept cars, spent hours going through that as a kid, possibly explains the obsession with huge land yachts, fins and chrome...) » 1/05/14 7:19pm 1/05/14 7:19pm

X-37B Is Going to Kennedy

Florida Today is reporting that the X-37B will be based out of Kennedy going forward. They will utilize one of the vacated Orbiter Processing Facility for vehicle maintenance. They will also launch and recover the vehicle on Kennedy's pad and the now underutilized runway. » 1/05/14 7:11pm 1/05/14 7:11pm

A new Dart just passed by

I heard a glorious rumbling sound and a downshift. I'm looking to see what it is. Town car, no...Base Impreza? No... then it gets louder and passes. Dart. Nice! I wonder what exhaust it had. » 1/05/14 7:05pm 1/05/14 7:05pm

So, my Alfa's no longer the prettiest modern car in the household

My sister's boyfriend bought this utterly gorgeous 406 coupe. Moonstone blue, tan leather interior. Great condition. Such a pretty machine. » 1/05/14 7:03pm 1/05/14 7:03pm

I'm applying for internships, one at Chrysler

in the finance department of the parts division. So basically Mopar. Does anyone have any advise for the internship process? Also, besides these companies I am applying to Morgan Stanley, Northrop Grumman, Exelon, T. Rowe Price, and Johns Hopkins Medicine. » 1/05/14 6:59pm 1/05/14 6:59pm

GB vs SF

does anybody know how to watch the game on an iPhone? Does FOX broadcast over the net? I have the FS1 app, but it doesn't seem to have it. I'm at work :( need football. » 1/05/14 6:56pm 1/05/14 6:56pm

Prop hub explosion...

Constant speed prop hubs use oil pressure to adjust the blade pitch, keeping the engine rpm in it's normal range (like a CVT transmission). When you lose oil pressure, you loose that control, the prop blades flatten out...and the engine spins up beyond redline. the hub explodes from centrifugal force of the blades at… » 1/05/14 6:51pm 1/05/14 6:51pm

I just drove 1200 miles from Colorado to Michigan.

And sat between just another storm, and what's working up to be one of the shittiest weather fronts in a while. The entire drive was literally 30-35 and sunny until I got into Michigan and hit snow. Was planning on leaving a day later too, looked up the weather report two nights before and shot for the window of… » 1/05/14 6:50pm 1/05/14 6:50pm

Oppo, is there like a wikipedia for cars?

What I mean by that is, is there a version of wikipedia that is nothing but car parts? I want to be better well versed in the parts of a car. I also want to look at a part and go "hey, I know what that is. It does (insert function of the part)" » 1/05/14 6:46pm 1/05/14 6:46pm

Guess the thingy (The thingy's been guessed)

I'm bored so here you go, a quick game of guess the thingy. Obviously, it's very easy to tell what those are, the difficult part is to guess what car those come from. For now I'll only give you this hint: those are from a front wheel drive car, one that pretty much all of you know but few had hands on experience with.… » 1/05/14 6:46pm 1/05/14 6:46pm