I was just on facebook, and saw someone post this photo:

96 Year Old Nancy Thomas Is Searching For Her Son... [UPDATE: She found him!]

And it saddened me. And then I remembered that you, my fellow Jalops have done some amazing things in the past regarding identifying vehicles wanted for hit and run, and finding Jason Torchinsky's car... So I'm hoping that despite the complete non-car-relatedness, you guys will help track down her son.

Name: Donald Lee Thomas
D.O.B: November 18, 1954
Born in: Crawfordsville, Indiana
Last Known Location: Around Atlanta, Georgia

If anyone knows a Donald Lee Thomas, please contact him immediately and find out if he is the one being sought.

If anyone finds him, please do not only comment here, please also email Nancy Thomas directly @ hitesas07@aol.com.

Can we Jalops work another miracle find? I hope so.

Also, If you are on Facebook, please share this picture, or if not, send emails to anyone you can so that the word gets around...

Think about how you'd feel if you were 96 years old and your health was deteriorating and you hadn't seen your son in more than a decade... Wouldn't you want people to help you find him?

Come on now Jalops... Let's Spread the Word.

UPDATE: She found him!

Last night at about 2 am (EST) I received the following message from one of Mrs. Thomas' relatives:

"Yes.....he was found in July. He was home for a week in the summer. And just moved back for good in January. Thank you!"

I am glad to hear she found him... I know if I were in her position, I'd want to find my son as well... I thought I'd give an update for everyone so that all concerned would also hear the good news.

She apparently received a ton of email regarding this, so I appreciate that she took the time to bother to reply to me.