Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars

It only makes sense, I mean we’ve all seen how great copywrite laws are at preventing people from downloading movies or hacking software...

If it ever becomes illegal to work on your own car, will you stop doing it? Would you be willing to go through the effort of becoming a licensed mechanic? … » 4/21/15 10:01am Just now

Too much bullshit be happening too early in the morning.

I stayed up till 4am finishing my paper and was hoping to be able to get some decent sleep till I had to be at class. What happens? Fucking WW3 right outside my room. Apparently one of my dogs had gone and pooped on the floor right by our exchange student’s room. Now in our house we have a “you find it, you clean it”… » 4/21/15 9:29am 32 minutes ago

Calling All European Opponauts! Potential Meetup!

A few days ago KatzManDu made a post about a Porsche Club event at Spa Francorchamps in two and a half weeks. That’s not too far from me, so I asked about going and the conversation revealed some interest in planning a meetup. Anybody who is interested should reply to this post, and then once we know who’d like to… » 4/21/15 9:25am 36 minutes ago

In Too Deep: 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth

On a late January evening, sitting in my new-to-me college dorm room, I found myself once again talking cars (and stuff) with some of Oppositelock’s finest, in the famed Tinychat
chatroom. Only this time was a little different. This time, I was reaching out to the best of Oppo to help me source a replacement car for… » 4/21/15 9:10am 51 minutes ago