V8 Supercar Management to Review Super Sprint Format.

After four incredibly dull Saturday races which saw a grand total of two passes inside the top five after the opening lap(and zero changes inside the top two), V8 Supercars upper management has confirmed they are looking at tweaking the formula, with a change to made possibly in time for the next round in Winton, in… » 5/05/15 2:41am Today 2:41am

Paging Steve Lehto!

The Fiesta ST is my first financed car, and the financing is really confusing me lately. Recently it’s been saying I’ve been paying my bills late, but I’ve been paying at almost the exact same time, even early and/or more than normal and it’s still saying that I’m late and/or have back charged. Anyone care to explain… » 5/04/15 11:46pm Yesterday 11:46pm