Blipshift Shirt (Almost Final)- EDITED!

Here's the final (maybe) iteration of my Prius Could've Had a V8 Blipshift shirt. The most popular (and not by a lot) color was Ethylene Elycol Green. However, at the suggestion of my sister, along with a few of you Opponauts, I have changed the color of the words from yellow to orange. Any thoughts on the word color… » 8/28/14 11:51am 8 minutes ago

What's the next $1,000,000 auction star?

We all know today that we would have bought as many Toyota 2000GT's we could a decade ago, if we had the cash. What used to trade for $100,000 now sells at high end auctions for over a million dollars. I watched a white example sell at the Gooding & Co. Auction for $1.05 million a few weeks ago in Pebble Beach. RM… » 8/28/14 11:45am 14 minutes ago

Shoop Request - Lifted, belighted W210 wagon

I am starting to pump myself up for lifting the W210 wagon so I can have it done for the winter, so I humbly ask any Opponauts with some free time and Photoshop/3DT to render me a W210 Mercedes 4matic wagon lifted, with bigger tires, a light bar, and what will likely be flat black plastidip paint. Anyone game? going… » 8/28/14 11:10am 48 minutes ago