Tesla Model S 007 Easter Egg

Apparently when you go to the technical log in screen in the Model S and type in 007, it changes the on screen car to the famous Lotus Espirit 1 sub from The Spy Who Loved Me. Which is no surprise considering Musk bought that vehicle and plans to turn it into a functional sub. Also the suspension settings change to… » 2/27/15 11:01am 33 minutes ago

This Date in Planelopnik History: 1910

February 27, 1910 is the birth date of Clarence Leonard "Kelly" Johnson, one of the most influential and successful aircraft design engineers in history. His work for the Lockheed Corporation gave us some of the world's most iconic aircraft, including the P-38 Lightning, the P-80 Shooting Star, the F-104 Starfighter,… » 2/27/15 10:37am 57 minutes ago