What can Oppo tell me about the Buick Riviera T-Type?

So I ran across this while browsing through the Autotrader. It's a 1985 Buick Riviera T-Type, with a turbocharged V6. And it looks cool. That is literally all I know about it. I would assume that the engine is a 3800 engine, which I know to be reliable, but I didn't know they did a turbo version, or how that affects… » 4/19/14 11:14pm 58 minutes ago

I did a thing guys...

Well I did two things actually. I done messed up the piston and head in my Volvo, as you can read about here. But today I deciding I'm going to take the complete cheap/wrong way out of this and try to get the car running again for as close to $0 as possible. So... you can see the cylinder head above and here's what the … » 4/19/14 10:56pm Yesterday 10:56pm