Yes, You Should Buy a Car on Black Friday

Tom McParland, if that is his real name, told Americans they shouldn't spend their most quintessential of holidays, Black Friday, at a dealership. Tom McPharland is wrong. American auto buyers should go to a dealership, specifically a Buick dealership, because when and where else can you find 20% off a brand new car? » 11/26/14 10:05am 34 minutes ago

Details are important. Which one doesn't interest you?

Details are what make something good into something great. It's the reason nobody can ever seem to beat the 3-series at their own game. The comparisons always wax on about how great/fast/wonderful it's latest competitors are, then whine about how big/fat/numb the newest 3-series has become, and then they declare the… » 11/26/14 9:51am 48 minutes ago

I wish car mags would disclose the disparity in their testings

Was reading through a CTS comparo with the V6, and was confused how it was both the slowest and got the worst gas mileage. By all accounts, it should have done better. Then I read through the actual test sheets, and it's the only car to have gotten filled with 87. Fucking REALLY C&D? No shit it's not going to do well… » 11/26/14 9:39am 59 minutes ago

The Military Used To Drop Troops Behind Enemy Lines With Gliders

These one-time use, engineless aircraft would be towed in pairs near to the front lines of battle carrying troops or supplies to bolster advancing forces. Released high above the opposing forces, pilot's would practically crash land into enemy territory abandoning the lame craft as they joined the action. » 11/26/14 9:21am Today 9:21am