Pros and Cons of Owning a Convertible in Chicago

So a friend of mine is looking into purchasing a New VW Beetle (well, technically, a lightly used one.) She really likes the convertible, but then asked me what I thought about owning a soft-top in Chicago.

I'm not too familiar with modern-day convertibles, but I told her - from my understanding - modern convertibles… » 8/29/14 8:35pm 23 minutes ago

Found Around UMD Part 4: The 2- and 3-Doors, Big and Small

Since I've got a lot of pics of 2- and 3-door vehicles, this post will focus on everything other than the hardtop sports/performance cars, i.e. convertibles, city cars, work vehicles, etc. The 4- and 5-door cars that I noticed are in Part 3. Here's a sixth-generation Chevrolet Suburban C10 to start things off. » 8/29/14 8:15pm 43 minutes ago