Can't We Get This Man A Car?

James Robertson is a 56 year-old Detroiter who works in Rochester Hills, MI. There is a distance of 23 miles between his work and his home. He has no car - his Honda Accord died - so he takes the bus part of the way and walks the rest. "The rest" being 10 1/2 miles each way. This man walks 21 miles each day to get to… » 2/01/15 8:55am 22 minutes ago

A barnfind W123 I almost bought a few years ago (hour rule)

The body on it was absolutely gobsmacking, not even a hint of rust or dings, paint looked great as well. It was fully driveable when I went to look at it, but I ended up walking away because the car didn't have its original engine. Somebody swapped the original fuel injected 2.3 for a lesser carburated 2 litre. I… » 2/01/15 8:41am 36 minutes ago

Now That's a Good-Looking F1 Car! Also, thoughts.

Something about the Toro Rosso STR10 works for me. This is another 2015 chassis with "not good" rear packaging. Look at that bulge behind the sidepods! Not going to be a whole lot of turning stability there. The SF-15T has remarkably little narrowing at the rear. I think that the C34 has tighter packaging than that,… » 2/01/15 2:54am Today 2:54am