New motovlog is up - Also, wear your gear!

check it out! Or not. Its up to you. I’m pretty proud of this one. I finally got the quality issues figured out (ghosting), and a pretty decent progression of events and storyline to boot. Also, my friend nearly lost it all on the trolley tracks cause he rode parallel to them. » 4/24/15 9:05pm Just now

Are Porsche G50s supposed to have windows in them?

Because this one does. 1997 993 Cab, popped out of gear & lost drive on the freeway, towed in earlier today. Fresh out of the car about 10 minutes ago, with pieces of roller bearing on the drain plug. Really curious what happened here, as these are generally regarded as very strong gearboxes. Guess we’ll find out… » 4/24/15 9:00pm 5 minutes ago

Do you want to own one of the rarest lenses ever made?

Well if you have $180,000 B&H is willing to help you! Behold! The Canon 1200mm f5.6! Weighing in at 36 pounds, with the price of a DB9, and existing as one of only 12 in existance this lens is a heavyweight champion! With it’s help, you too can take pictures of things a mile away! » 4/24/15 8:28pm 37 minutes ago