I often read the police reports...

From the sleepy little town I grew up in. Usually, I chuckle at how juvenile most of the calls are; like the person whom called the police to report that there was a man and a woman walking along the road, and they told the caller that they were looking for a lost dog. The caller didn't believe them, and asked police… » 10/21/14 4:59pm 6 minutes ago

iGP Manager: Online F1 Manager Game, Oppositelock's Third Season

Do you know there's a game where you can manage your own Formula 1 team? Join with fellow opponauts as 2 slots remain! Spots have filled up quickly! Read and learn about the game and how to join! A minute-long video below will introduce the game followed by screenshots and descriptions of each. Season begins tonight! » 10/21/14 4:50pm 15 minutes ago

Problem solved, nobody dies, let's get drunk!

Remember that personal stuff I was gonna post, but didn't? Well, I managed to sort it out in a timely enough manner so that it didn't become someone else's problem, and nobody died while I was at it, not even me. Feels pretty good man! Of course there's still some work to be done to prevent it from happening again,… » 10/21/14 4:41pm 23 minutes ago

It is done. I'm done working on the ****ing design.

Jeez... I didn't realize how much time I've spent on this goddamn Blipshift design. In total it has taken at least seven hours. SEVEN HOURS OF MY LIFE I WILL NEVER GET BACK. I could have been productive, but nope. I spent seven hours on a T-shirt. It better be selected, given how much time I spent on this. » 10/21/14 4:19pm 46 minutes ago