Ugh I have a bad feeling that I'm being scammed.

For my girlfriend’s birthday, I paid to have a custom drawing done by somebody, but like an idiot I didn’t do a very good job vetting the person before I put my money in escrow because I was so captivated by their “style”. I get the first of their drafts back, and instead of a cute scene with two animals, it’s one… » 4/26/15 6:10am Today 6:10am

Japanese people and their relation with the English language...

Somehow, japanese love using english words here and there... I guess it sounds cool to them. On the other hand, I think it’s fair to say with a statistic I’m pulling out of my ass, that 99% of japanese can’t really speak a word of english or a word of any language other than japanese for that matter... » 4/26/15 3:45am Today 3:45am

I live life on the edge

Had a nice couple of scoops of Blue Bell ice cream for dessert. (If you don’t keep up with the news, Blue Bell pulled a GM and did a massive recall, which I ignored.) I’m not too concerned since it’s from my birthday over a month ago, and I didn’t get sick when I ate it then, so I suspect I’m ok. NO ONE MESSES WITH MY… » 4/26/15 1:39am Today 1:39am