late night tunes: spooky editon

Hallow's eve. opponaughts, even this night of fright will not stop us from our flight. I just drove home on a large, empty avenue. My foot hard down, as I watched the needle climb and climb... What accompanied me as is sped through the darkness? A thrilling piece of music, designed to make you bury your foot in the… » 11/01/14 3:16am 29 minutes ago

Is RockAuto a decent place for car parts?

I have been looking at getting some foglights for my car, because there is a space in the bumper for them, and hookups, but no housings, and so I had to go in to NAPA to get a new blinker bulb, and I so I decided to ask about foglight housing (theres no housing at all) and from them, its like $85 for EACH foglight… » 11/01/14 1:16am Today 1:16am