What Did The Ancient Roman Condiment Known As Garum Taste Like?

There once was a condiment completely beloved by the Western world, but today, it has almost completely vanished. It was slathered on everything, and everyone went nuts over it. You might be thinking it’s gone, but it isn’t. You can still get garum, sort of. If you try really hard, or are willing to pay for it. » 4/26/15 9:23am 37 minutes ago

Ugh I have a bad feeling that I'm being scammed.

For my girlfriend’s birthday, I paid to have a custom drawing done by somebody, but like an idiot I didn’t do a very good job vetting the person before I put my money in escrow because I was so captivated by their “style”. I get the first of their drafts back, and instead of a cute scene with two animals, it’s one… » 4/26/15 6:10am Today 6:10am

Japanese people and their relation with the English language...

Somehow, japanese love using english words here and there... I guess it sounds cool to them. On the other hand, I think it’s fair to say with a statistic I’m pulling out of my ass, that 99% of japanese can’t really speak a word of english or a word of any language other than japanese for that matter... » 4/26/15 3:45am Today 3:45am