Mitsuoka Is Only Just Killing The Orochi

Hey, remember the Mitsuoka Orochi? Y'know, the Japanese not-really-fast-enough-to-be-a-supercar that everyone puts in their "Top 10 Ugliest Cars" lists somewhere? The one meant to look like a blowfish but also Pamela Anderson's lips or whatever the hell? Anybody? No? Dust? Well, you won't have to soon, because it's about … » 4/23/14 6:02pm 18 minutes ago

Swan Racing Folds, Parker Klingerman Out of a Drive

USA Today reports that Swan Racing has folded, deciding to restructure in a way that keeps the #26 and #30 teams competing this Sprint Cup season. The #26 has moved to BK Racing and will retain driver Cole Whitt. The #30 car has been sold to XxxTreme Motorsports, a team that has tried and failed to qualify their #44… » 4/23/14 5:48pm 32 minutes ago

How I started collecting diecasts

As I told in a earlier post, while I was sorting my stored diecasts I found the first 20 Matchbox I received as my 9th birthday gift, and the 3 Hot Wheels I bought shortly after. This happened 14 years ago, and that was the day I decided to collect diecast cars. And now I share the photos I took with you, my fellow… » 4/23/14 5:08pm Today 5:08pm