Lingenfelter Collection Open House 2015

One day out of the year, the kind folks at the Lingenfelter Collection open their doors to us mere mortals so that we may drool over cars that cost more than our lives. Today was that day, and if you aren’t amazed by the caliber of cars in this garage then you are either A. Jay Leno or B. one of those UAE oil magnates… » 4/25/15 7:30pm 44 minutes ago

Does throwing money at a car make it any faster?

Lets hope so. For the upcoming autocross season (just a week away!!!) my dad and I have decided that we weren’t going to be satisfied with walking H Street this year as we did in G Street last year but I still wanted a chance to compete for an overall PAX victory so we decided to blow invest well over $1000, or… » 4/25/15 7:03pm Today 7:03pm