To anybody who has ever played iGP manager in the Oppositelock league

This includes inactive managers. If a schedule change were to be considered, would you be active again? If yes, there is a poll in the Oppo league, were you can vote yes. If a schedule change would not benefit you for other reasons, you can vote no if you would like to. Have a Zonda gif if I wasted your time. :3 » 5/04/15 1:00pm 17 minutes ago

It's Worth Getting Up Early For Super Car Sunday

Picked up a new lens for my camera this past week which motivated me to head on up to the weekly pissing contest in Woodland Hills, CA for the first time in a couple months. This week was the Ferrari/Maserati Marque event but every vehicle wearing Rosso Corsa or sporting a trident was upstaged by the spectacular… » 5/04/15 1:00pm 17 minutes ago

How many Frankensteins? 

This is how I saw this weekend. I finally took a long trip around my girls dad’s house and property - the place we are seriously looking to move to after we bank some money for a few years. House is free to us, and likely what you see will be left. RamblinRover had told me last time we talked how the best plan would… » 5/04/15 12:55pm 22 minutes ago

What's a good summer roadtrip destination in the US that isn't too hot?

Let’s say you wanted to go for a long trip by car in the US (or Canada! Didn’t have enough room in the title…) but you don’t want it to be brutally hot or humid-hot because you want to do some outdoors stuff, walk around, maybe go camping, etc when you get there. Plus some old classic cars can’t handle the heat! » 5/04/15 12:41pm 35 minutes ago