Kinda Excited/Terrified. 

So I’m officially going to go look at a car this Sunday! It’s a manual swapped 89 MX83 Cressida, with a ton of miles on it, and it’s over priced because Drift Tax. But it meets all the criteria I have for my next car, including being something you don’t see everyday. Plus it’ll be the first car I’ve owned that is… » 4/25/15 2:42am Today 2:42am

Oppo I've noticed some (alarming) things...

So you know how Oppo was recently infiltrated by FoST and FiST’s? And now how the GTI’s are making a presence? Well... PS9 has brought to my attention that there are two factions, possibly hired by FoMoCo and VAG to infiltrate Oppo and start a civil war- thus leaving the victor as the leading preferred vehicle group… » 4/24/15 11:51pm Yesterday 11:51pm