Formula Oppo: The Nissin Grand Prix on Titan

What are these people running from? They're not! They're running to the World's Toughest Competition in Town! It's the 15th round of Formula Oppo! The only officially unlicensed Formula 1 youpickem game of this corner of known as Oppositelock! This week we travel to the island in the sun! » 9/30/14 5:25pm 11 minutes ago

iGP Manager: Online F1 Manager Game, Oppositelock's Second Season

Do you know there's a game where you can manage your own Formula 1 team? Now's the chance to join your fellow opponauts with only 2 slots remaining open. Click through to learn about the game and how to join. A minute-long video below will introduce the game followed by screenshots and descriptions of each. » 9/30/14 4:53pm 43 minutes ago