I found where (some of) the rich people in Paris keep their cars.

Right under this road actually. I was out indulging my inner flâneur (as one should always do in Paris), and I happened to notice the locked door of the parking garage that runs under this road, Avenue Foch, was wide open. I’ve walked by the various entrances dozens of times, as I live on the road adjacent to this one… » 4/25/15 4:02pm 43 minutes ago

2009 Yamaha Grizzly 350: The Oppositelock Review

Looking back a year, I stated how important this EZ-GO golf cart was to me since it taught me the basics driving. How a car reacts to your commands, to modulate my inputs as well as how to treat a 4 wheeled vehicle so I don’t end up killing myself, or worse killing another mammal. This Yamaha Grizzly though taught me… » 4/25/15 3:50pm 55 minutes ago