Fixing my E30 Touring. Should I?

As you might know I've bought a (2nd) 1989 BMW E30 Touring sometime late last year. The idea was to ship it to the US, just like I did before. However, my US based partner's priorities changed and the US based E30 Touring market isn't like it was a year ago. So now I'm left with the choice what to do with my current… » 2/27/15 5:25pm 4 minutes ago

Weekend Jams: "Hungry Heart" — Sexton Blake

Whether you're driving back from work or getting supplies for tonight's party, you'll probably want some chill music to keep you company. Here's a recent favorite of mine, Sexton Blake's cover of Springsteen's classic "Hungry Heart". While a bunch of young hipsters from Portland are pretty antithetical to Bruce's… » 2/27/15 5:20pm 9 minutes ago

The time has come to stop steel wheel discrimination

Let us not force our humble aluminum deficient friends to hide behind plastic facades, a shameful parody of their elitist alloy brothers. What they may be lacking in added lightness, they make up for in character, history, and thrift. There is no shame in a base model, my good wheelies and wheeltlemen. » 2/27/15 5:06pm 23 minutes ago

I'm going to check this thing out

I don't know if it runs. I don't know if all the parts are there. I'm going to look anyways. Can any Alfa knowledgeable people chime in? I have a great Alfa mechanic who works for cheapo and I can do a lot of the nut and bolt stuff myself.

But I can't see the downside to a $1,750 1967 Alfa.
» 2/27/15 4:36pm 52 minutes ago