Just a small LEGO boat. And other Volvo Ocean Race stuff.

The Volvo Ocean Race is stopping over in Auckland for the next 2 weeks, after which they will take the sea to join Brasil. Saw some good stuff, like this sweet replica of team SCA ship made entirely out of LEGOs. I also experienced the Self Parking feature of a Volvo V60, and "crashed" the car in the process. I… » 2/28/15 6:07am Today 6:07am

Most of us love using both feet

There's something to be said about a level of comfort where you no longer care about performance. I love using both feet and both hands to drive a proper manual. But tonight in my Grand Marquis, I drove with "no feet" and one hand. Of course I kept my foot ready to brake in the event of an emergency, and kept one… » 2/28/15 2:24am Today 2:24am