WWYR? Pre-War Celebrity Rides (Morning crowd repost)

Back in the 1930's, if you wanted the fastest, most expensive, most luxurious, and most opulent cars money could buy, you didn't go to Italy or Germany. You went to Indiana. Duesenberg A&M Co/Inc was based out of Auburn, with Cord located just over 130 miles south, in Connersville. Both makers produced powerful, high… » 7/23/14 11:59am 3 minutes ago

Down at the Station - It's Too Fucking Hot Edition

So yesterday was hot as balls for me, I don't do heat well and while you might scoff at 33°C (91°F) I was on the verge of breaking down. (I do the cold much better and am very capable of dealing with weather -30°C or -22°F)

Regardless, a pair of real nice machines rolled in yesterday, first off was a Nissan 370Z with… » 7/23/14 11:34am 28 minutes ago