Modern car visibility just gets worse and worse.

Case in point. My old Panda had absolutely fantastic visibility, but my new Twingo has a tiny rear window and huge C pillars. At least it has nice big mirrors to counter it. It doesn’t look so bad in the picture, but the way you sit to drive it means you have huge blind spots. The Panda on the other hand is like a… » 4/27/15 7:49am Today 7:49am

TIL Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the US

More than double the national average. Contributing factors are no-fault insurance, unlimited lifetime personal injury coverage, and and a high rate of successful personal injury lawsuits. Thanks a lot Joumana Kayrouz (anybody in SE Michigan should recognize her). You’re not off the hook either Sam Bernstein. » 4/27/15 7:04am Today 7:04am

Great reporting on the FP on the Hayden Paddon crash

Nicole Conlan recycles half an Autosport post, adds some content of her own which makes it sound like something it’s not, and does all this a day after the event when there’s much more informed reporting than the Autosport flash all over the web. Genius. » 4/27/15 1:42am Today 1:42am