Run-flat tires instead of a spare?  No thanks!

After reading Jason Torchinsky's Jalopnik post about modern cars replacing spares with run-flat tires I began thinking. Who benefits from this? Do the majority of car consumers prefer run-flats over spares? Or do car companies prefer run-flats so that the space where tools and a spare would traditionally be can be… » 1/30/15 11:20pm 52 minutes ago

Breaking News: People think spares are a feature found on luxury cars

Holy cats the number of people that think an expensive car should have a spare is mind nubbing. Like wealthy people would even use it, they have roadside assitance and wheels are stupid heavy. Spares are the stupidest use of $15 and 15 kg hanging off the ass of a car and belong in economy cars and work vehicles. » 1/30/15 10:48pm Yesterday 10:48pm

The REAL reason no one is buying the Chevy SS 

They brought it out to the DC auto show in this really bad green... I tried to show my dad the car, as manual V8 sedans are something he's usually interested in. He took one look and said that the color ruined the car. C'mon Chevy! Bring them out in a color like the sexy black all those Cadillacs were! » 1/30/15 10:23pm Yesterday 10:23pm