Fiesta ST rear badge?

Okay so there are a few differences with the Ford Fiesta ST (or I've noticed lately it being called FiST or FieSTa) mainly in that North America gets the ST but only in five door format (and doesn't get the three door at all) where Europe gets both the three and the five door but only gets the ST in the three door… » 4/21/14 1:59am Today 1:59am

K1500 Engine Swap Candidate?

Every single time I turn the key in my family's K1500, I can't help but wonder if the 5.7L Vortec is slowly, but surely giving up the ghost? I know they make around 255 HP or close, but eenngh. To make matters worse, I took a test drive on a new GMC Sierra with an LY6 equipped. God, 360 HP sounds like a fun bunch of… » 4/21/14 12:27am Today 12:27am