Is the E81 the Clownshoe's "Little Brother"?

Two years ago, shortly after having graduated from university, I started a temp position at a school near my then hometown Heidelberg. As I arrived there only a few months before the end of the school year, and it was already clear that I was going to leave after that, I wasn't exactly in a bonding mood, and neither… » 4/16/14 6:18pm 31 minutes ago

Is There Something Wrong With Me??

I'm not sure this is titled correctly.. Anyway, as some may or may not know, I got a '14 Focus ST one month and a day ago. I love this car, it was my dream hot hatch. I adore everything about it; the precise driving inputs, the handling, the feel and the practicality, the fact that it only comes with a manual(it being… » 4/16/14 6:16pm 33 minutes ago