Sony rebrand the Walkman app from it's phones as Music 

...for the Android Lollipop update. But why Sony would ditch the branded app – could it be to simplify what the app does to new users? Could it be to tie into the rebranding to "PlayStation Music", which will replace Music Unlimited at the end of this month? Could it be to disassociate some of Sony's assets in a… » 3/02/15 6:51pm 25 minutes ago

Oppositelock PSA: Make sure your used tires are properly disposed of

Responsible car owners either donate their used tires to a local drifting organization, or hoon them until dead themselves. This applies to all types and brands. Left intact and unsupervised, tires can quickly become feral, mentally unstable and extremely dangerous. Don't believe me? Allow me t0 present irrefutable… » 3/02/15 6:41pm 35 minutes ago

Anyone know anything about 07-09 LS 460's?

My dad is thinking about picking one up to replace his 2005 Lexus ES which has around 205k miles on it. He drives about 35k miles per year and wants a quiet and comfortable car. You can pick up the LS's with around 100k miles for 18-19k. Some better models around 21k.

Is it as reliable as the legendary 400 and the… » 3/02/15 6:17pm 58 minutes ago