I freakin' love my wife. She gets me this for Christmas every year.

At $80/year I think it's VERY worth the subscription. There is the digital edition as well but some of the great things are their free podcasts especially this one with Dario Franchiti done this past January, where he says Montoya is going to have a big big big year. Everything is spot on because their journo talent… » 3/01/15 6:49pm 6 minutes ago

I'm working on a big well-researched op-ed at the moment

Any tips for giving it the best chance to be read by more than 12 people? That might make it seem a little more worth my while. I mean I'm going to post it anyway, because it's something I think is really important for our community to think about: whether electric cars should be embraced by petrol heads. Spoiler… » 3/01/15 6:14pm 41 minutes ago

Update on the Leaf 

So earlier this happened. After further examination the front left wheel has shifted back about a half an inch on the x axis, it also picked up some positive camber as well. Do you guys think we should send it to the official Nissan dealer or have a 3rd party shop repair it? I personally think we should have fixed at… » 3/01/15 5:55pm Today 5:55pm