Drunk woman kills two, gets six months

A Stamford, Conn. woman goes out drinking with friends one night, and on her way home hits two teen who were changing a tire on their car, dragging one 170 feet under her Navigator and killing both. She was able to plea to DUI and will serve 6 months but she gets off on the felony charges for vehicular manslaughter. » 4/18/14 7:18am Today 7:18am

My First Car: 1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE

My recent post about how amazing Pontiac was at selling cars in the late 80s/early 90s made me a little nostalgic. Primarily, it made me miss my first car. Now, I believe everyone misses their first car to an extent. No matter how terrible it was, there's still a small part of you that wants that car back. So, I'll… » 4/18/14 3:18am Today 3:18am