Of course Toyota is first to debut a mainstream hybrid CUV.

I've been wondering when the hell mainstream brands would bring hybrid variants of their CUVs (i.e. the Ford Escape) to market. The taillights and blue color on the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid in this pic look pretty spiffy; it would've been nice if this were around when my folks were shopping for a new car a couple years back. » 3/29/15 8:05pm 7 minutes ago

I think I figured out how the BBC can air the last bits of TopGear.

Just have The Stig host it. It would be hilarious. Just have him stare silently at the camera and point at the TVs before a segment. It's too bad they tore the set down, because if he just stared silently at the weekly celeb during SIARPC, it'd be the funniest that segment has ever been. Have it end with The Stig… » 3/29/15 7:29pm 43 minutes ago