Can crowdfunding supercars actually work? (No.)

As I was scanning the detritus of my Facebook news feed this morning I spotted a friend sharing a link to Blancfleet, a company that purports to be the "next Zipcar" - except instead of renting Civics and CR-Vs to millenials for Target runs, they'll be renting Ferraris and Bugattis to millenials for Target runs. What… » 7/23/14 4:55pm 15 minutes ago

I'm trying to obtain a interview with Gerald Wiegert from Vector..

Good afternoon oppo. Last week I called Vector Motors, and I was asking about the status of the WX-8. If you don't know what the WX-8 is, it's some sort of "Ultra High Performance Hyper Car" (or something along the lines of that). It has a giant motor and supposedly, when operational, will be one of the fastest cars… » 7/23/14 4:47pm 23 minutes ago

First Autocross with the E46 M3

It's been a minute since my last autocross. As in 2009. That was the year, not how many minutes have past since my last event. With all the things going on in life I did manage to get out recently and attend an autocross hosted by the Capital Driving Club at Regency Stadium in beautiful Waldorf, Maryland. The sun… » 7/23/14 4:35pm 34 minutes ago