If Walter White was a Shell Oil engineer....

His Winnebago would be this. A Prelude! The largest floating platform to ever take to water. Instead of cooking meth in the desert, he and professor Pinkman would be sucking up natural gas from the Australian coast and, on-site, converting it to liquid natural gas for transport. The traditional process was to suck up… » 12/17/14 2:40pm 27 minutes ago

Buick Are Idiots (also, I got a swYAY bar)

Yesterday I popped off to a local salvage yard and managed to find a rear sway bar from a 2000 Cadillac SeVille STS. The FE3 'Sport and Handling' bar. To my surprise, for $35 I got the bar, body mounts, end links, and body mount bolts, all of which were in like-new condition due to the low miles of the donor car. I… » 12/17/14 2:07pm Today 2:07pm