Now officially the best car in the world?

I felt the programme should have had a closing statement on how the three cars performed over the duration, instead of some of the inane filler scenes in pt 2. Then again it's Top Gear, so I shouldn't expect any less. Also; I would've gone through hell and high water to bring that Lotus home. Who else went straight on… » 12/29/14 8:01am 18 minutes ago

TopGear Patagonia Special, episode 2. 

Now we've all seen on the news and some poor quality camera phone footage on YouTube but to see and hear how our guys (cast and crew) were hounded out of the country (very much in fear for their lives) and then the Argie government wants our government, the BBC and the cast to apologise. Absolutely disgusting. » 12/29/14 3:40am Today 3:40am