Some Guy Put a Dodge Viper V10 Engine into a Honda S2000. And it is for…

If you ever wanted more performance out of your S2000 but didn't have the time to do expensive and intricate mods, then just buy one that's been done for you. Some brilliant (crazy) guy in Syracuse, NY, somehow smushed a V10 engine and transmission from a Viper into a small S2000. » 9/17/14 1:27pm 8 minutes ago

Oppositelock Review: Wendy's BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Today at the Wendy's drive thru, I was surprised to see a pulled pork sandwich on the menu board. Then the pre-recorded greeting said, "Welcome to Wendy's, would you like to try our pulled pork sandwich today?" Since I'm obviously vulnerable to the power of fast food suggestion, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. » 9/17/14 1:12pm 24 minutes ago

PSA: Speed Trap Marathon in Germany Tomorrow

Just like last Oktober there will be a so-called speed trap marathon in Germany tomorrow. Starting around 6 o'clock tomorrow 13000 police men and women will man 7500 posts to prosecute speeders. This is seems to become an anual thing now. The press gets alerted and even the exact locations are revealed beforehand. » 9/17/14 1:03pm 32 minutes ago