Fat Tony is at it again, this time he's excited about the Cadillac ELR

Yesterday my coworker Fat Tony very excitedly showed me this used Cadillac ELR for sale at a Toyota dealer here in town. He thought it was a screaming bargain. “It gets like 80 mpg and it’s only $47k!” » 5/06/15 2:32pm 24 minutes ago

What it cost me to own a $500 car part 17

Onto the parts acquisition. As mentioned before several times, I was an idiot in planning out my car, especially in the room to grow area. That meant quite a bit of rethink/revisits to a couple aspects namely the fuel. Being EFI and turbo that meant I needed a high pressure fuel system and a higher pressure and volume… » 5/06/15 2:00pm 57 minutes ago

Does Anybody Else Have an Emotional Attachment to Their DD?

I was at the bank yesterday opening up a credit card account and the person behind the desk was explaining to me about building credit, she used wanting a better car and taking out a car loan as an example. When she said “If you want a better car” I felt a rage inside me, like she asked if I wanted a better child. » 5/06/15 1:35pm Today 1:35pm

Forgot to mention I am on twitter now.

Not quite sure what I am going to do with it besides promote my buddies on the “The Mission Continues” and the subsequent project that follows the hike to set up a formal Non-Profit Org titled Vets Lives Matter, but if you care to add me and retweet out updates about the guys hiking their way to NY I will follow back… » 5/06/15 1:19pm Today 1:19pm