Worst Photo Ever Of: Jaguar XJ6

Well, it's finally happened. After more than two months of a temporary replacement phone with a defective camera, I got my new phone, an HTC One M8, yesterday. The M8, as it turns out, has a marvelous little camera, which means the regular postings of my hapless "Worst Photo Ever Of" can finally be put to bed. It's… » 12/20/14 10:07am Today 10:07am

Podcast - Lehto's Law - Episode X

Hey All - several milestones recently. I just recorded the tenth episode of my podcast, Lehto's Law. The cool part is that the show is getting some traction lately and has just surpassed 2,000 cumulative listens. Not exactly Oprah-in-her-prime numbers but you gotta start somewhere, right? » 12/20/14 10:05am Today 10:05am