Can't Believe I Forgot The Cross Thread Thread

Hi ya'll and sorry for the very very late very harried cross thread. I'm in the midst of finals week-giving rather than taking, but still. Also fighting off a cold and channukah/hannukah, chanuka/whatever/חֲנֻכָּה and all the rest. How's this week going for you? And any good present news? » 12/18/14 1:23pm 37 minutes ago

German Cars Ranked by Power/Weight

At first didn't really want to make this list due to the daunting number of cars. The Porsche 911 alone has an average of 5 performance variants over it's six or so generations, that's roughly 30 911s alone. Likewise AMG has made a performance version of just about every Mercedes for the last couple decades, BMW's M… » 12/18/14 12:56pm Today 12:56pm