Damn It, FIAT

First you make the 500e California-only with no option whatsoever for me to get one, then you give it the retro Celestial Blue. I would hand you many monies for that car, but your steadfast refusal to open it up to the other 49 (Damnit, Oregon too?!) 48 states is irritating. Why do you hate money FIAT? » 7/30/14 1:20pm 56 minutes ago

Fenomenal Ferrari

I have always been a Dino fan. My favorite Ferrari in terms of looks other than some of the really rare ones (250 GT, Breadvan). I kick myself every time I think about the fact that I almost bought one for $85k 10 years ago - a car that would probably command $200k now, and is moving further out of reach. » 7/30/14 1:12pm Today 1:12pm