Your Show Isn't LA Or Detroit But You Should Still Go

I wandered the exhibit floor in a polyurethane induced haze. Oxygen rich air saturated my lungs; the radiant fluorescent lighting assailed my eyes. The camera around my neck hung with the weight of ball-and-chain. Blood soaked my socks, my feet throbbed. A kaleidoscope of color, a throbbing mass, an impossible… » 3/04/15 9:46pm 32 minutes ago

Cadillac's new V6 is called the LGX & other tidbits from the 2016 GM…

I'm sure most of you saw the post about Caddy getting ready to debut a new family of V6 engines next month, likely at the New York Auto Show. Well, thanks to having the GM VIN decoder page bookmarked, some key information can be gleaned about this and other GM passenger cars (and I can probably get in trouble). » 3/04/15 9:06pm Today 9:06pm