Can't We Get This Man A Car?

James Robertson is a 56 year-old Detroiter who works in Rochester Hills, MI. There is a distance of 23 miles between his work and his home. He has no car - his Honda Accord died - so he takes the bus part of the way and walks the rest. "The rest" being 10 1/2 miles each way. This man walks 21 miles each day to get to… » 2/01/15 8:55am Today 8:55am

A barnfind W123 I almost bought a few years ago (hour rule)

The body on it was absolutely gobsmacking, not even a hint of rust or dings, paint looked great as well. It was fully driveable when I went to look at it, but I ended up walking away because the car didn't have its original engine. Somebody swapped the original fuel injected 2.3 for a lesser carburated 2 litre. I… » 2/01/15 8:41am Today 8:41am