It's Here! Your Morning 80s Car Commercial GIF, JDM Tyte Edition

Toyota Soarer: it will take you from Tron to the real world to hyperspace so you can meet your sexy space girlfriend. Super Gran Turismo indeed. I actually really like the camera work on this one, particularly that long shot rotating around the front of the car. The animation is cool/hilarious as well. » 4/19/15 4:20am Today 4:20am

At the height of his 25 years of age Citroen went to a Rave-like thing

It is noisy and Citroen’s teeth hurt. This was a fun but bad idea because Citroen made use of substances of his teen years. Citroen is very sweaty but he is at the utmost peace of spirit. He can once again (albeit for a short period of time) be the 18 year old snob little shit he once was. » 4/19/15 2:24am Today 2:24am