Truly, hard times have hit.

I have the opportunity to go to 3 autocross events this month. I am losing my mind over this! THIS IS AMAZING! Where does the problem lie? Well it will cost about 90 bucks total. I don't want to lose that money!!! Or I could #YOLO it. You know what, screw it. #YOLO. Also, these cars were at the place where the… » 7/28/14 3:25am 58 minutes ago

Question on crosspost etiquette

So last night, shit went down almost solely because of a crosspost by a member of oppo and another kinja blog. Normally this itself wouldn't warrant a blog post but we are currently editing and revising the handbook so now is the time to bring it up - how do we/they handle crossposts? Actual discussion and suggestions… » 7/28/14 1:30am Today 1:30am