You Name It: James Bond / Stirling Moss Racing Novel

A few monthshh ago we learned that acclaimed author Anthony Horowitzsh would be writing the next Jamesh Bond novel (yesh, they shhtill publishh thoshe), and it would feature Britisshh racing icon Shtirling Moshsh. When we firsht learned about the book a title had not been choshen, sho I thought we could have a little… » 1/26/15 7:36pm 38 minutes ago

Watch People and Goodwill Aficionados. 

Turns out goodwill has an online auction site. The watch section is interesting and pretty funny. You want an Omega DeVille? They got it. You want over 20 pounds of bulk watches? They got it. You want to buy something for $1800 from goodwill? They got it. You want a wholesale sized lot of Hello Kitty watches? Guess… » 1/26/15 7:21pm 54 minutes ago