Just met the east coast Rusto 

Went to a sports bar to watch some football with friends, ended up heading to my buddies parents house as he's staying there while he's in town, and he tells me that I really gotta meet his dad, who happened to have a 997.2 turbo and an E92 M3 lime rock park edition sitting in the garage. What a cool guy, when we… » 12/20/14 11:48pm Yesterday 11:48pm

Help my friend find the right car

  • Budget: Hard, $7,000. Soft, $5,500
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Size: 4d, sedan or hatchback (preferably something that can carry at least a good portion of what I have at school back home)
  • Power: Moderate at least. Not looking for something like my bike, but also not looking for something that struggles to hit 60 in…
  • » 12/20/14 11:11pm Yesterday 11:11pm

Why is my oven sparking at me?

The dial for bake/broil/off was off. The dial for temp was left to whatever last temp I used as always- so the oven is "off". I noticed earlier I had it open and the coil was orange in a single little spot while it cooled. 5 hours later I saw a spark, opened it and it looked like a welding torch. I turned the temp… » 12/20/14 11:08pm Yesterday 11:08pm