Ugh - sometimes it really does suck to live in Colorado

People think Colorado is all snow and cold weather and a lack of moisture and poor-taste jokes about mass shootings and cultural entertainment references that become obsolete within the show's own living memory) (so in other words your typical Family Guy gag, hi-yo!) But the rain we've been getting nonstop for almost… » 7/31/14 1:38pm 20 minutes ago

Maine, Land of Vanity Plates, Vol 5 - Aya and Jagvar bait because W140

Seen at my Benz mechanic/boneyard. I wonder what this guy did for a living when he bought this thing. Now inop and for the picking. Wish I could transplant the engine to my w210 wagon... » 7/31/14 1:35pm 23 minutes ago

Toyota is building a AWD GT86 for WRC!

According to this article that popped up on Autosport, Toyota is going to be testing an AWD GT86 WRC mule that has nothing in common with either the Yaris WRC or the R3 GT86 already built. Apparently the car is being built by Tommi Makkinen Racing and has the approval of Toyota boss Akio Toyoda. This is so exciting! I… » 7/31/14 1:03pm 55 minutes ago