Tell me about your ideal automagic transmission

Because I drove a 2014 Cherokee for about 8 hours this weekend... and let's just say I prefer the ancient 4-speed auto on my 97 XJ. At least that thing is consistent even after 245k miles, whereas with the new 9-speed, I experienced everything from chirping tires off of red lights to scary low torque after braking… » 9/20/14 7:45pm 35 minutes ago

GM recalling over 200,000 new Cadillac XTS/Chevrolet Impalas

Over issues with the electronic parking brake, which apparently won't fully disengage, resulting in "poor vehicle acceleration, undesired deceleration, excessive brake heat," and of course, fiery death. I have to say, I find this incredibly frustrating. You know what doesn't usually fail within two years? A goddamn… » 9/20/14 7:34pm 46 minutes ago