Insurance suggestion for selling your car

Quick ? on recommendations. So I'm going to put the Sebring up on Craigslist to try and get something out of it. Question is when you sold your cars did you keep insurance on it or did you strip it completely? It may be a month or two before I sell it so I'd rather save the money but don't know if I can remove the… » 1/31/15 12:51pm 6 minutes ago

How do I wash a car in the winter?

So my car is covered top to bottom in salt at this point and I would really like to wash it off. The past couple months of winter, I have just been waiting for a 30 degree plus day and washing it. However, looking at the weather for the next 10 days, I cannot find one day above 20. This makes using the garden hose a… » 1/31/15 12:36pm 21 minutes ago