I will buy and restore YOUR car

I have some exciting news for you Jalops. I am looking to purchase a new car to restore, and I figured there would be no better place to look for something cool and weird than on Jalopnik. I Don’t really have a budget, so take a picture of your car (or any car you think is worthy of restoration, regardless of who owns… » 4/25/15 5:58pm 23 minutes ago

The Fantastic Cars of Parking Étoile Foch

As promised in my last post, here are the pictures from Parking Foch. The garage itself is huge, about a kilometer long with four rows of parking along the entire length and four levels. I walked all but the ultra–restricted bottom level, and saw some pretty impressive stuff. Classics, ultra high end sports cars,… » 4/25/15 5:05pm Today 5:05pm

Should I Review The Jap 4x4s For Oppo?

I have had many trips on the 4x4s which are considered the all-time greats. but never drove or rode one like I was reviewing them. But if oppo is interested and the new Jalopnik system is far more up to my writing style (hate accounting), I can take them out one by one in the city for the Urban factor (as I’ve plenty… » 4/25/15 4:58pm Today 4:58pm