$2 Million P-51 Mustang Makes Gear Up Emergency Landing

During filming for a promotional video as part of the Copper State Fly-in in Casa Grande, Arizona, helicopter pilot Bruce Haffner captured this 1944 North American P-51 Mustang performing a classic belly landing after the landing gear malfunctioned and refused to extend. » 10/24/14 1:50pm 17 minutes ago

Repost for the morning/afternoon crowd

I've appreciated the feedback I've been getting so far, but if you'd rather leave this for the Graveyard Shift I'd understand. EDIT: the sidebar thing isn't showing up, but it's part 2 of my transcribed notes of how I spent 144 hours in a psychiatric ward (more precisely: the last half of last week and the first half… » 10/24/14 1:39pm 29 minutes ago