F1 cars are 8 seconds slower than 10 years ago.

Even before it really started, this F1 season has been loaded with negative emotions from the fans, the teams and everyone else somewhat involved with Formula One. And yet, we have seen spectacular racing, both between the silver arrow drivers and their rivals of Red Bull, Ferrari and Williams. What we didn't see is… » 10/23/14 12:54pm 22 minutes ago

80's IMSA champ and Indy rookie of the year released from prison.

In 1986, by then beating heavily factory funded Jaguar's and Porsches with the Whitting Brothers and without any sponsorship of their own, and becoming Indy's rookie of the year placing tenth, Randy Lanier fled a Marijuana conviction. Caught in Antigua, Randy won a life without parole conviction for distributing over… » 10/23/14 12:30pm 45 minutes ago

Yugo Fast In A Snowmobile Powered Serbian Death Trap

The Serbian built Yugo GV was such an miserably disgraceful excuse for an automobile that even swapping in a LS1 would leave you with a feeling of meh. Its cool...but I'd rather have an F-body Camaro... No. Full stop. The only way you are going to pull a Yugo from the depths of shame is by going full Renée… » 10/23/14 12:27pm 49 minutes ago