My VW Polo didn't make it back to home

In the last weekend I was track marshalling Finland's biggest historic racing event (Historic Grand Race) in Hämeenlinna's famous Ahvenisto race track. The whole event itself went fine and the weather bothered only the practice runs on Friday. Our marshalling work got a lot of positive feedback from the drivers. » 1/25/15 7:24pm 37 minutes ago


Why is it that right before any storm is coming, everyone buys all the milk and bread? If shit is really that bad that I can't get to the store for a few days, I think I can survive without milk and bread. But for some reason those two items become hot commodities when shit is about to go down. It makes no sense to me! » 1/25/15 6:34pm Today 6:34pm

outside of my "comfort zone"

A new contender has possible entered the ring as runner to be my next car, but it's so far outside of being my style. In fact is a car I've hated, and made fun of lots in the past. I like to think I've moved past the closed minded opinions of my youth, and there for would consider this mullet machine for the fallowing… » 1/25/15 6:21pm Today 6:21pm