I Think I Was Ripped Off

I brought my car over to my usual dealership today due to some loud squeaking noise coming from the rear, which I figured are the brakes. And since I needed an oil change, why not do the same thing right? This is the same place I've been taking my car for years now, and I've always dealt with the same person - his… » 9/20/14 10:18pm 8 minutes ago

12 hours until check-in at the Autocross...

It's 12 hours until my first autocross, and I'm nervous... Very nervous. The lugs are set at 85 ft-lbs, the interior is empty, including the spare and the carpet in the hatch, my phone is on the charger and my tire pressures are set. The front anti-sway bar is in the shed, and I took her out on the back roads to make… » 9/20/14 9:01pm Today 9:01pm