Battle of the Toxic Covers Tiebreaker Needed!

40 minutes until the polls close and there's a three-way tie between Juliet Turner, Christopher Dallman, and Blowsight for "worst" cover. Also only 14 votes in the "best" cover battle means A Static Lullaby leads by just one over a two-way tie for second between Local H and Mark Ronson. Graveyard shift saved me… » 9/03/14 12:20am 24 minutes ago

Here's the video (1080 is still rendering)

Random test video of myself driving many miles for a burrito at a friends restaurant sometime earlier this year. Substantial footage in the beginning, middle, and end were cut to retain confidentiality; in other words, the video should have been much, much, much longer, (original footage was as long as an hour) as I… » 9/02/14 11:42pm Yesterday 11:42pm