What's the longest you've gone without driving…

since getting your license? Twice now I've gone four months without getting behind the wheel. The first time when I moved to college my freshman year and didn't bring my car (drove at winter break). The second time when I came to France and didn't drive until my girlfriend and I rented a car while traveling. Waaay too… » 3/28/15 5:43pm 39 minutes ago

Question for the oppo engine engineers about mid-power.

I'm looking at the overlooked. The mid-range power band. Quite a few of us look at max power at what RPM but where we drive is in the middle. When it comes to building maximum power, for the middle RPM, say 4,000, what enhances this the most? Hogging out the cylinder for maximum flow isn't the answer in this range is… » 3/28/15 5:20pm Today 5:20pm