studying for a midterm in the morning

Gah I hate materials and processes. The actual class work is stupid, prof himself even said so. the course used to be just the lab portion.

I mean its not entirely useless. but it should not have so much info crammed into a single course. I spent a good 3 hours tring to understand phase diagrams before it clicked....

» 10/22/14 4:26am Today 4:26am

The Not So Definitive Top 10-ish list of The Best Car Cameo's in…

This list is for the unexpected, the unappreciated, and the unnecessary. Everyone would say the cars from movies such as Bullitt, Vanishing point, Gone in 60 seconds, James Bond, XXX, etc were fantastically suited...but in movies such as those the car was a practically mainstar. Usually yped as part of the promotion… » 10/22/14 2:56am Today 2:56am

Goodnight Oppo and a Question..

There's a girl in my Engineering class who I can't help but notice is staring at me or turning to look in my direction multiple times during the class; and this has happened when I've sat in different spots in the room, including today. On one occasion, I we were watching a presentation in class, and I noticed out of… » 10/22/14 1:07am Today 1:07am

Late night tunes: DAT drop tho edition

"Right now we can start the party..." are the opening lyrics, and pretty much all the lyrics. Well opponaughts, start the party tonight. slam your baby through the gears as you speed down your favorite roads, or as you try to pull on that guy in the lane next to you, who refuses to give up, even when you realize the… » 10/22/14 1:05am Today 1:05am