Cars & Coffee Dallas // May 2nd 2015

Driving over from my house to Cars and Coffee yielded a grand total of 5 police cruisers. I feared we would have a repeat of last month’s C&C. The temperature was up from last month, and with that I knew attendance would be high. I still arrived at my usual 8:30am and paid the price. I had to park a quarter mile away… » 5/04/15 9:01am Today 9:01am

A Boring Hobby for the Vain & Pretentious : A Primer on Wristwatches

The ontological discussion about the necessity of the Apple watch has forced me to reevaluate one of my more embarrassing facets: I am a Watch Guy. It’s a hobby that instantly brands you as one of those kinds of people – the ones that live in a world of leased 320i’s with eBay M-badging, webbed belts adorned with the… » 5/04/15 9:00am Today 9:00am