The Art Of Racing In The Rain: The Bookalopnik Review

We do a lot of reading around here, but if often consists only of a few short paragraphs on a timely subject. What you need is some culture and, lucky for you, I am here to provide it. Together, we'll explore some longer reads (read: books) with automotive subject matter and rate them on a completely objective and… » 10/30/14 10:30am 14 minutes ago

Are ultra-hater gamers a thing, or being kept alive by publicity?

^^ Group B Rally Monsters for your time ^^
So now, weeks after the fact, media sites continue to name drop Mmes. Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, and continue to make noise over a quasi-movement which is far less influential and potentially far less
real (and some would say destructive) than the likes of… » 10/30/14 10:28am 16 minutes ago

The Hall Of Justice Is In Danger!

Cincinnati Union Terminal needs extensive restoration and repair, and of course the idiotic assholes Politicians can't agree who should pay for it. So while they bicker about who is right, the building is left to rot. » 10/30/14 10:27am 17 minutes ago