Long Shot: Anyone named "Anthony" shipping an Acura to NC?

I have been getting phone calls from Auto Transport companies for the past twenty minutes following up on a lead from a guy named "Anthony" shipping his 2009 Acura MDX to Durham, NC. He mistakenly/stupidly listed my phone number as the contact. Now I am getting a phone call every 30 seconds. Long shot that he's on… » 3/27/15 1:05pm 26 minutes ago

Shop won't install customer-supplied parts? Bye bye.

My '05 Grand Cherokee Hemi has a couple electrical gremlins that I'm chasing, because of course it does, it's an early-'00s Chrysler product. I've been going through the troubleshooting procedures for these issues, and need some labor help from a mechanic. But not every shop wants to install customer-supplied parts. » 3/27/15 12:40pm 52 minutes ago