I've decided to maybe drive to Chile in a few months, help me. 

This would be my first expedition kinda thing and we are taking my Range Rover, a friend’s Mini Cooper S and another friend’s Turbo’d Honda Civic. The details are after the jump but what should I take with me? What are the necessary supplies? Do I need extra tires? Will my Range break down or the Mini will overheat… » 5/05/15 9:41pm Just now

Video to GIF Megathread #6

Well then. The last time I did this was in February of last year. Y’all know how this goes. And if ya don’t, I make car GIFs, with quality in mind. Online GIF services can’t do ‘em like I do. Request your GIFs, but before you do, you’ll need to read the rules!http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/video-to-gif-m... » 5/05/15 8:30pm Today 8:30pm