Replacing door speakers in a 2001 Civic...

I think somehow I may have wrecked the driver's side door speaker in my Civic. It's making a sort of crackly sound when trying to produce sounds with a lower frequency. This means I get the pleasure of possibly replacing the speaker. As it happens, though, I have a pair of 6" Sony Xplod speakers that are doing… » 3/31/15 10:03pm 5 minutes ago

Oppo League Brazil race

So this is my very first IGPManager race, probably gonna fail but whatever, but either way is anyone having issues seeing the 2d race view? Ive just got a black screen that comes up. » 3/31/15 9:51pm 17 minutes ago


It's now legal to discriminate gay people in Indiana. I say that Indy 500 should be cancelled (or paint all the cars in rainbow colours), in fact I'd say everything related to motorsport in Indiana should be canceled until they stop being fucking idiots. » 3/31/15 9:40pm 28 minutes ago

Hudson's Site in Detroit Render. Now with 100% More Javelin.

Damn, thats a random choice, but I love when car people do renders. Last year I saw the COBO Hall render and there was just a Holden Ute chilling right in front. Those little Easter eggs are fun. » 3/31/15 9:36pm 32 minutes ago

Need an OppoPinion.

So as some of you know, I will need a new car for work in the winter once my current lease is up. I am having one hell of a time deciding what car/truck to get, but I have it down to a short list: » 3/31/15 9:25pm 43 minutes ago

Holy Shit...

Still reading... wanted to get it on Oppo ASAP for y'all to read too. » 3/31/15 9:15pm 53 minutes ago