Great News!

In honor of the late Top Gear, I feel the need to continue in the legacy of James May and report on all things Dacia. Apparently, they have gone nuts. The once beloved Sandero is getting a hot-hatch RS version, which I think Captain Slowly would be quite skeptical of. After all, not all cars need to be designed at the… » 5/03/15 11:49pm Yesterday 11:49pm

Still Searching for My Next Ride. 

So the last two cars I looked at buying were 325is. one 89 coupe, and a 92 E36 Sedan. The E30 was perchased by some one who beat me to the punch, and the E36 was a mess, it had lived a hard dirty life and was now owned by some one younger and stupider than me (and that’s saying a lot since I’m still young and stupid).… » 5/03/15 11:23pm Yesterday 11:23pm