Is Toyota the New GM?

Since Toyota pledged to inject some life into its products, I've been watching for reviews of the updated models with hesitant anticipation. Not that I really expect them to start building driver's cars anytime soon, but I am genuinely curious to see what 'exciting' means to contemporary Toyota. When Car & Driver's … » 1/30/15 5:26pm 20 minutes ago

Quick Rant: Stop Naming Winter Storms.

Its snow you fucktards, it happens every damn year. It doesnt need a name, we dont name goddamn thunderstorms, you know why? Because its unnecessary. Juno, Karl, and for god sake, the least threatening name of all Linus? If you are trying to instill fear, which you are, go for something more scary like Satan, or Zeus,… » 1/30/15 5:16pm 30 minutes ago

You Should Never Ever Ever Purchase A Manufacturer Buyback Vehicle

From time to time someone asks me what happens to all those lemons the manufacturers buy back from my clients. Or, sometimes, "Should I purchase a manufacturer buyback vehicle?" The answer – based on 23 years of work in the field – is a Taylor Swift-esque Never Ever Ever. » 1/30/15 4:55pm 51 minutes ago