Hello Oppo! Why I love Jalopnik: A love letter one year in the making

So it's 11:45 on a Friday and Hardigree just posted asking why we love cars, and by extension, Jalopnik. I finally bit the bullet and registered with the site last week, mostly because of the awesome community here. I couldn't stand not being a part of it for another day. » 7/25/14 2:29pm 3 minutes ago

Hey Oppo: Serious Question Here About The Police

No, not the band. But, let's say I get pulled over for speeding. What do I do here? Then the cops want to search my vehicle. What are my rights? What do I do? If I talk to police I get one answer but reading online gives me another. I haven't been stopped yet (knock on wood) but it's bound to happen and I don't want… » 7/25/14 1:53pm 39 minutes ago


I am not highly proficient making autocad drawings, but I do on a day-to-day basis work with autocad reading drawings to help customers or fellow employees identify parts or part numbers. Anyone know how to best word this for a resume? Without saying I can't really use autocad, I can only look at it, because that… » 7/25/14 1:46pm 46 minutes ago