Pretty sure it's screwed... Need advice.

My sisters Outback had an issue with the EFI while I was up at school and she got it towed by a AAA affiliate. This is how they towed it. As far as I understand, AWD + leaving back wheels coast = horrible death. Talked to my sister and she called the company and they basically told her everything was fine and that's… » 11/22/14 12:35am Today 12:35am

The happiest possible ending to the neighbor parking saga has occurred

So remember how earlier today I said my neighbor's boats had started accumulating parking tickets? Well, the city of Madison sprung into action today, which gave me an opportunity to get those damn boats out of the way, and have my neighbor think I'm all nice and neighborly. » 11/22/14 12:09am Today 12:09am

Anyone have experience with an MkIV R32?

I was spending some time on Craigslist fantasizing about stretching the budget for my next car when I found some MkIV R32's for sale. I want an AWD car, and this has more appeal to me than a WRX/STI or an Evo... it has two doors and is understated compared to those two. Anyone ever drive one or own one? I'd end up… » 11/22/14 12:02am Today 12:02am

Mom's house ultimatum 4: Old Hot-wheels.

Some of the best bits that werent too trashed. Left to right: 1973, 1978 vw rabbit rally car, 1980 Fast 111's Mustang, 1983 p-928, 1983 cop car. I tried like hell to get the spare off the roof of the rabbit. Never did. The Mustang shows signs of dual bottle rocket exhaust on the rear paint and the fastest of them all… » 11/21/14 11:56pm Yesterday 11:56pm