Doug Was Wrong About Monaco

Two weeks ago Doug DeMuro resident funny guy in the Jalop universe made a post about Monaco being the best place in the world for car enthusiasts. Since that date my cosmic universe has been out of alignment. Although I have never been to Monaco I could not help but think he was horribly horribly wrong. » 7/31/14 10:14am 3 minutes ago

Aside from that Mr. Allision, how do you like the car?

"We don't have as much downforce as the people that are quicker than us, we don't have as much power as the people that are quicker than us and our car is too tricky to drive. It's got too loose a rear end and even with two drivers who are extremely sensitive drivers and gentle on tyres it tends to chew its tyres… » 7/31/14 9:20am 57 minutes ago