Next on Bandit Opens his PS2 Game Collection: Spyhunter

Anyone ever play this game? I loved it when I was a kid, I have memories of plugging this into a tv at my dad's office and playing it while he was busy. I'm about to play it for the first time since before the PS3 came out (Bonus: Found the memory card with my save files!). Observation: PS2 graphics really suck on a… » 7/23/14 10:32pm 13 minutes ago

SoCal Adventures - Part 1 (The General Stuff & Cool Cars Spotted)

I got home last night at 1:30AM Chicago time, so my vacationing posts have been on delay for a little bit. Overall, it was an absolute blast. I had an opportunity to go to Irvine's C&C, lounge around Newport Beach, and spend a day in San Diego. » 7/23/14 10:30pm 15 minutes ago