Went To Buy A Saab Today, You Wont Believe What Happened Next!!!!

I was having a random conversation about all the brands GM killed in the last decade with a friend and decided I wanted to test drive an older Saab. Found a '04 manual Aero that looks pretty decent about an hour from the house, so I spent the first half of my day off today to go up there. » 12/27/14 8:46pm 42 minutes ago

My wife and others are seeing strange lights in Mexico DF skies

She lives in the heart of the city and they're seeing super bright lights that move, stay stationary, or both in the sky. The lights soon fade away after a minute or so. 100% opposite of any kind of airplane because of their change of direction and ability to stop. In this 25 million population town, regular stars and… » 12/27/14 8:41pm 47 minutes ago