Best Day Ever? Porsche World Road Show Los Angeles

Though I'm sure some of my friends would disagree, I don't consider myself a braggart but rather someone who relishes the chance to share stories of amazing experiences. As I've fallen deeper into the black hole of automotive journalism, I've found myself relating more and more tales of intrigue that are often met… » 10/30/14 9:00am 6 minutes ago

I ate something different at McDonald's last week...

My wife, like most japanese love stuff "you can only get there!! or there!! Or there!" This si the reason why japanese always have this or that limited edition car, that you're not gonna have, or that limited edition video game console you're not gonna have or this limited edition beer you're not gonna drink... » 10/30/14 6:58am Today 6:58am

Just finished installing a underdrive pulley on my m3.

So much blood, arms are cut badly. I haven't shed a tear from pain in years but I'll have to reset that counter. Regretted not hiring a pro once it was too late. At least I'll have a few more ponies. Should make breaking my 295's in the rear loose a bit easier now, until my warranty goes and I get a blower. Night… » 10/30/14 2:18am Today 2:18am