Porsche 930 road test, CAR, January 1982

I warned it was going to be an '80s supercar. Well actually a '70s supercar, but it was on sale until 1989 or so. Hard to believe a "supercar" packing roughly 300hp and with a four-speed gearbox would be on sale by then - after all it'd be made obsolete by several GT cars then-emerging (like the BMW 850i and the… » 12/27/14 5:18pm 12 minutes ago

My secret to surviving winter: Bean Boots

After two winters I can say that I love my bean boots. They keep your feet warm no matter what! You can go though puddles, snow (what little there is in louisiana), and cold mud while still keeping your feet in perfect comfort. This is great for when I have to feed the horses during the winter as main path usually… » 12/27/14 4:14pm Today 4:14pm

Ferrari 328 GTB road test, Motor, 21 June 1986

First post of the night (I've been too forgetful as of late). To begin the '80s supercar vibe, a nice mid-engined Ferrari from 1986 (I need to abstain myself from posting '80s road tests). Remarkable point: the mid-'80s equivalent of a 458 Italia is par on par with some hot hatches in terms of performance and (if you… » 12/27/14 3:22pm Today 3:22pm