Oppo question: why don't people like automatic seat belts?

I know they were just an excuse for automakers to avoid reengineering cars without airbags as safety regulations tightened, and that the cars with them are pretty unsafe by modern standards, but why exactly are they so undesirable? I DD'd a car with them for a year and they never really bothered me. No malfunctions or… » 12/19/14 4:19pm 33 minutes ago

Can we all be nice to each other?

I know all of us oppo come from different backgrounds, have different maturity levels, are a wide range of ages, and have wide spectrum of experience with all things automotive. I realize we arent all gonna mesh on every single thing, but could we please handle these differences in a mature, kind fashion? Thank you. » 12/19/14 4:18pm 34 minutes ago

Photographer Immortalizes Decrepit 300SL And Others For Calendar

With all this talk of Cuba, it's easy to get swept up in the soon-realities of fine cigars, tropical vacations, and restored political relationships. But, as Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky (and many others) have pointed out, Cuba's car culture is the most exciting aspect of the country's newfound accessibility to us in… » 12/19/14 3:53pm 59 minutes ago