Why isn't Jalopnik/Truckyeah talking about the new Jeep concepts?

Sure it's depressing that they'll never be made .... but they still need to be seen!http://www.off-road.com/blog/2015/03/2... » 3/30/15 4:06pm 13 minutes ago


Since it is a beautiful day, I went for a walk. On that walk, I found two cars parked in close proximity that I think Oppo would appreciate. Though it was, technically, in the parking garage, not on the street. Pardon the potato pic. » 3/30/15 3:47pm 32 minutes ago

C63 AMG is taunting my life

On Saturday while at a strip mall by my house I came across a white C63 in the parking lot, I motioned the window down and there was a beautiful Thai looking chick driving it with (presumably) her man in the passenger seat, I asked her to rev it for me and she smiled and did (her man did not even understand what I was… » 3/30/15 3:47pm 32 minutes ago

The biggest problem with the Lincoln Continental

Is that when you view it from the side, without any badges showing, it looks completely anonymous. I suppose they're building a design language from scratch so it won't look like a Lincoln but am I the only one that thinks this looks a bit generic? » 3/30/15 3:46pm 33 minutes ago


Woah, interview was on Friday, got an offer for the job today!! I'm super thankful, and I'm totally undeserving of such a great opportunity. I'm extremely excited to work at Boeing! Will probably start in late April. » 3/30/15 3:46pm 33 minutes ago


That's right your favorite Moose mascotted, Ford reinvigorated, Swedish spawned Chinese Owned car company known for safety, is to be built in the USA.http://blog.caranddriver.com/built-in-the-u... » 3/30/15 3:26pm 53 minutes ago

Maturity, Rotaries, and Fiery Death - My Search for My First Car.

I'm your typical 15-year old car guy. I'm about average height, about average build, and have decent taste in automobiles. For my first car, I had a budget of $2000, and I was ready to buy something cool. Something like a sports car. » 3/30/15 3:13pm Today 3:13pm

Immersing In Mexican Countryside Is Always a Treat

Woke up early in the morning to head down south to the state of Veracruz. Passed the huge bridge that crossed the river connecting to the ocean. As I headed down south in a two lane road filled with trucks, potholes and slow moving traffic I watched a glimpse of a park I used to go when I was little. I turned into a… » 3/30/15 3:09pm Today 3:09pm