What do you guys think of these wheels?

They're Sparco Terras. Pretty much every damn rally car this weekend had either these shoes on or some that looked very similar. I fell in love. My Outback is desperately in need of new tires so I'm contemplating getting some of these wheels with new all seasons in a couple months. I'm a sucker for gold wheels and… » 3/01/15 11:18pm 46 minutes ago

Sunday Night Raplopnik 

On February 25th, at the Brit Awards, Kanye West debuted a song called "All Day" that features Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom. London and Kingdom weren't the only ones on stage with Kanye though. Behind them stood dozens of people in black hoodies and two with, and I'm not kidding, flame throwers. Motherfucking… » 3/01/15 10:54pm Yesterday 10:54pm