Why Don't You Wrench On Your Own Car?

Hello, my name is Tavarish, and I'm a gearhead. I often have dirty nails, oil-stained jeans and have cursed more than one should in the vicinity of God-fearing neighbors during futile efforts of removing stubborn bolts. However, it has come to my attention that most people aren't like me. The question to my car-loving… » 3/02/15 11:26pm 32 minutes ago

Which Japanese Company Went Craziest In The 80/90s Bubble Economy?

Car fan kids today would definitely not know it looking at today's lineups, but once upon a time manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi went on an automotive coke binge that would make the late Rick James say 'yo maybe u should put down the pipe player'. Fueled by the manic stock bubble of the 80s, Japanese… » 3/02/15 10:51pm Today 10:51pm