I saw a Fiat 126 this weekend.

No big deal about that if you are in Europe. On this side of the pond, it's pretty rare. It's not often I pull up beside somethign that makes my little 500 look like a giant car in comparison. However, I did not have a camera so no sr20. ..do instead, I give you this 126 witha twin-turbo v8! … » 3/30/15 1:45pm A minute ago

A Look at the Future Brought to You By Auto Racing

Just like NASA's space program, auto racing programs foster inventions and discoveries that eventually trickle down to the public to make our lives better or easier in some capacity. The video below is from the eye of Tommy Milner, a racing driver piloting a Corvette C7.R for the Corvette Racing race program, and was… » 3/30/15 1:42pm 4 minutes ago

Parts Ordering Question

I'm ordering the parts to repair the front suspension on my '03 Odyssey. My brother sent me a list of parts from Rock Auto, and that's what I'm ordering. What's weird, at least to me, is that the L and R struts are showing a price difference of $2. Is this normal? I just want to be damned sure that I'm getting the… » 3/30/15 1:38pm 8 minutes ago

Seriously getting pissed at Planet F1

Two GP's in a row that all of my picks generated championship points and yet I am still at zero. Also, Archduke I believe I did not get all of my points in Formula Oppo. » 3/30/15 1:35pm 11 minutes ago

Peugeot 205 GTI: The Oppositelock ride along review (Morning repost)

This car had me laughing at how amazing it was. Seriously. » 3/30/15 1:32pm 14 minutes ago

1993 Volvo 940 Wagon: The Oppo Review

Disclaimer: Volvo wanted me to drive this car so badly that they sold it to somebody, who sold it to someone else, maybe? (I seriously don't know how many owners it has had...) who sold it to my friend Eugene who drove it for six years and then posted it on Turbobricks for $900 including a carload of extra parts, and… » 3/30/15 1:23pm 23 minutes ago

Oppo Help! Spark Plug Edition

How do these plugs look? They're NGK laser iridiums. I have a set of Denso platinum TTs to replace them, but I'm understanding that iridium's go for a looong time. This is an 07 Accord with the i4, 73,000 miles. » 3/30/15 1:21pm 25 minutes ago

So a while ago Audi invited us to its A8 launch event which was hosted for THEEE elitist crowd which means there was little talk of the car, except how glorious and technologically superior its new headlight technology is, but there was glamor all around, music and dinner all around which was nice but we got rather… » 3/30/15 1:10pm 36 minutes ago

Introducing the Lincoln Copy-Cat

Looking at the front-end of the Lincoln Continental er Copy-Cat ; I noticed alot of striginly similar design elements? What do you think. » 3/30/15 12:54pm 52 minutes ago

Ok, so am I the only one who noticed this? 

So today, Obama's paying tribute to Ted Kennedyhttp://www.cnn.com/2015/03/30/pol... » 3/30/15 12:36pm Today 12:36pm

SCORE! $699.00 Miter saw for $340.00

I've been shopping for a Miter saw for quite a while and I'm never pleased with the prices I see. Yesterday I was at Lowes for something else and then I saw it! The big yellow sale sticker. $699.00 CAD down to $399.00 CAD plus they took an extra 15% off at the till. So I finally got my 12" sliding compound miter saw… » 3/30/15 12:30pm Today 12:30pm

Best Motoring International

Why can't we have a show like this in the U.S.? What's better than seeing professionals push some of our favorite cars to their absolute limits on track? » 3/30/15 12:30pm Today 12:30pm