iGP Manager: F1 Team Manager Game, Oppositelock's Fourth Season

Do you know there's a game where you can manage your own Formula 1 team? Join in with over 40 fellow opponauts, with room for 7 currently! Read and learn about the game below. A short video below will introduce the game followed by screenshots and descriptions of each. We are currently post mid-season. » 12/29/14 10:00am 57 minutes ago

Somebody Paid $50,000 To Be Killed By James Bond.. For Charity

Earlier this month the London Air Ambulance held their largest charity auction of the year to raise support for their services. The biggest bid of the night, however cynically ironic considering the occasion, came at the opportunity for the bidder to die at the hands of James Bond. » 12/29/14 9:58am 58 minutes ago

Second Annual Secret Senna Spreadsheet: Repost for the Work Crowd

I still had access to the one that was made last year, so I edited it and cleaned it up for use again this year! I know someone was asking about it yesterday so I figured I'd go ahead and do it. Editing should be open to anyone, but let me know if you have issues and I'll change the settings. Go forth and proclaim… » 12/29/14 9:35am Today 9:35am