Arcade-spec MvC2 for PC?

I know MAME can make it work, but it feels like a bit of a faff. I don't wanna go XBox, PS, or Dreamcast because the things operate in another way. Just tell me how to get arcade MvC2 on my PC with ease. I'm itching to play. » 4/02/15 5:48am 19 minutes ago

This BTS video from Gymkhana 7 might be better than the actual Gym7

This 27min video about the GoPro wranglers of Gymkhana 7 is pretty cool. It shows how they setup the shots and locations as well as life on a shoot (no sleep, much waiting, toy cars etc). There are some interesting unused shots mixed in there too. » 4/02/15 3:46am Today 3:46am

9000 miles in under 8 months

August 16th, 2014. It was a Saturday, it was about 80* out, and I was looking for my first car. Around 1:30 PM on this wonderful day, I got her. I got my baby. I picked up the GLi, with it's Tornado Red paint, 200hp TSi engine, and 6-speed manual for $21,000. The day I bought her, her Odometer read 23,037 miles. » 4/02/15 1:27am Today 1:27am

I Saw The Subaru BRZ STI At NYIAS Today

And it was good. Very good. For many more pics and some words about it, check out the post on my site: » 4/02/15 1:23am Today 1:23am

So me meet again, Dell...

Another old computer I have to look after, Motherboard capacitors are gone, Power supply is also gone, and will be scrapped by the owner after I recover the data. This 'innovative' hinge design was the bane of me fixing these in the past in high school. Also worth vacuuming so that poor soul who's dismantling it… » 4/02/15 1:20am Today 1:20am


Apparently I need to stop being all Fast & Furious with these torrents. I possibly have at least 100 movies I've downloaded. Verizon hasn't taken kindly to my ways and has slowed my internet to a crawl. I don't like this. Guess I need to be a good boy and use McDonald's WiFi next time I need a torrent. » 4/01/15 11:58pm Yesterday 11:58pm