Technically Formula 1 - Chinese Gran Prix

(Wednesday Arrival) Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is… » 4/17/14 12:06am 33 minutes ago

NPOCP: You've got to be kidding me edition.

Welcome to North Carolina, where a grown man will look you dead in the eyes and with a straight face tell you that he wants $5,200 for an automatic '97 M-Edition Miata. But wait! It's only got 69,000 on the odometer AND a new vinyl top! I have the same top on mine and it's really good because it offers greater rear… » 4/16/14 11:23pm Yesterday 11:23pm