Desu? Do You Wanna Build a Racetraaaaaack?

I was mowing the lawn yesterday and while winding my way around the twists and curves of our admittedly convoluted yard layout, I began daydreaming about how well certain portions and corners would work on a track for cars, or even go-karts. And as I continued to daydream, I began to plan and connect dots out of thin… » 9/02/14 11:15am 38 minutes ago

The Rat Rod

So ever wonder how the sometimes-amazing/sometimes-horrible modern rat rod came into the public eye? How did such crappy, overpowered, unsafe, rust-ridden, cop-magnet Jalopies with missing parts and blasphemous engine setups wind up winning the hearts of millions of Americans throughout the decades? » 9/02/14 11:09am 44 minutes ago

QOTD: What Sales Flop Are You Willing To Throw Money At?

This car flopped so bad it barely broke 20,000 units in North America. For reasons unclear to me, the Scorpio was an interesting car for me. The idea of a "big" Euro Ford being sold in America was fascinating. They looked far less stodgy than their American counterparts too. Alas, high conversion costs killed the… » 9/02/14 11:03am 50 minutes ago