More straight-6 muscle the US rarely saw.

Australia got to have a inline-6 Hemi the US never got to enjoy. I posted on that a long time ago. Chevrolet let the Brazilian market have their wonderful straight-6, although we got to see the same engine, just not as enthusiastically. Brazil got the Opalla, a nice little middle-weight muscle car. Sort of like the… » 4/18/15 11:06pm 7 minutes ago

Oppnauts: Help me diagnose the S10.

I’ve been driving the S10 all day. The drive home was 50 miles and I’ve put another 25 or so on it. It runs amazing - once it starts. It starts SO roughly and acts like it is flooding itself. I have to feather the gas pedal a lot to get it to start. This issue didn’t begin until later in the day, when the engine was… » 4/18/15 10:31pm 42 minutes ago

Re-watching "Spirited Away" when all of a sudden, Audi!

Chihiro’s parents be makin’ them mad dollar bills yall! Edit: They even references Audi’s all wheel drive “Don’t worry! I got four wheel drive!” Edit 2: This damn car stops in like 10 feet on a dirt road despite them going 100 miles an hour! I’m convinced Hayao Miyazaki is trying to sell me an Audi! » 4/18/15 9:44pm Today 9:44pm