They finally got the dumpster out of my driveway.....

The Mustang is in the garage where it always sleeps. Hasn't seen snow since the very day I brought it home (because why wouldn't it snow when I pick up y then new car?) The Lincoln actually isn't bad in the snow. You know how much fun it was to move a 330+ RWHP fox body Cougar on performance tires in this? By the way… » 1/26/15 1:36pm 6 minutes ago

Is Dodge moving away from its crosshair grilles?

I think that they are weaning off that design element. The new Challenger never had one, and the refreshed ones (minus the HC, which is bare) only have a split grille. It's minimized on some trims of the new Chargers, and eliminated on the SRT variants. Even on some trims on the Dart, it's not as pronounced. Take a… » 1/26/15 1:31pm 11 minutes ago

Of all the airports to be stuck at for a few hours. I choose DEN

Literally. I volunteered to accept a four hour layover in exchange for a travel voucher and the chance to get a beer and food at Denver international. And though I've said so before, I will continue to recommend Root Down in terminal C. Great food, great beer, slightly pricy, but it's an airport, and if you are going… » 1/26/15 1:26pm 16 minutes ago

Mean as Hell, But Pointless 100 MPH Lawnmover

Perhaps Honda Motor Company should focus on building a successor to the S2000? Instead, they're preoccupied fabricating the holy grail of redneckdom. Thanks to Honda, you can mow the back forty in three minutes or cruise down to your local gentlemen's club at 100 mph. Put down your Miller Genuine Draft, stop trying to… » 1/26/15 1:23pm 19 minutes ago

Why doesn't anyone use these engines?

I was reading this article about a 1921 Lincoln and I couldn't stop staring at the engine. Apparently it's a 357 cu in V8 that makes 81 horsepower. It has inboard exhaust manifolds and I have no idea where the carb is but it's just gorgeous. I'm assuming it's very rare but why didn't anyone hot rod these engines? 5.8… » 1/26/15 1:02pm 40 minutes ago