Brake Job Complete, But...

All went according to plan. I did have to go to the hardware store for a bigger C-clamp, because my old one isn’t big enough for these calipers, but fortunately I have my motorcycle back, so I didn’t have to put my car back together for the quick trip. New pads in all four corners (WinMax V5, recommended by and… » 4/25/15 1:49pm 49 minutes ago

SimBin Humble Mega Bundle

So, maybe you like racing. Maybe you like saving money. Maybe you even like charity. If you do, there is a Humble Bundle Mega Bundle on a bunch of SimBin products. I love me some GT Legends, and you will too. $10 gets you a pile of good (but older) games. » 4/25/15 12:57pm Today 12:57pm