Looked just like this and had Detroit Manufacturer plates! No SR20 because I was working and he was driving off. This was the first time I saw one and also one of the first times I've seen a brand new car like this before hitting showrooms. Really liked the front. Just not so big on the back. Wanted to talk to the guy… » 10/25/14 11:43am 21 minutes ago

I Drove a Ram SRT-10 and It Made Me Sad, But I Still Need the Other…

I have been internet drooling at Dodge Ram SRT-10's for a while and decided that if I was ever going to be serious about buying one, I would need to physically see one (and drive one if I am lucky). There is only so much the internet can do. A few weeks ago, I was on my way home from vacation and stopped by a… » 10/25/14 11:39am 26 minutes ago

Mother of Holy Jesus Christ Sonofa Mother old people

So I'm going home from a car meet and stop at a light to see this. A man who was probably 77 or so and his wife just chillin on the other side of the street thinking it was a turn lane. They turned on to a 4 lane road and proceeded to do 20 the whole way (The limit is 35). And the entire time, they didn't act like a… » 10/25/14 11:17am 48 minutes ago

After 2 Months And 2 Days Of Ownership My Car Needs A New Tire

Yesterday the front left tire of my MK7 Golf got these 4 bumps on the sidewall. This happened due to the wonderful conditions of roads we have in Mexico and also because of the heavy rain that has gone through town. Miserable Pavement+Rain=The woeful traces of crap concrete they call "roads" in my city. My guess is… » 10/25/14 11:07am 58 minutes ago