Your thoughts on this 1990 E34 M5 that I'm checking out this evening…

So I've found what might be one of the nicest and best-condition E34 M5s that I've ever seen and it's right here in town. I'm going to check it out this evening. The ad is really detailed and well-written and the price seems really reasonable. Makes me wonder whether it's too good to be true. Please scroll to the… » 9/30/14 2:28pm 25 minutes ago

Kinja'd Sub Blog You're Welcome

In an effort to promote camaraderie among kinjites and increase global awareness of an the negative impact to our socio-interweb world view, I have taken the burden upon myself to create an outlet for the masses. Please inform me asap if you would like to join the cause and give power to the people. » 9/30/14 2:12pm 40 minutes ago

The Five Best Driving Shoes You Can Buy Right Now!

If you think about it, shoes are a lot like steering wheels. They are what connects us to our cars and how we get the necessary feedback to be a good driver. By that logic, we as enthusiasts should be spending out extra dough on nicer steering wheels and top tier footwear. » 9/30/14 2:10pm 42 minutes ago