One Ford - an engineer says

I was at a press launch last week, the C-Max facelift and the brand new S-Max were introduced to the bottom-feeder class of the European motoring press - yes, that’s what i consider myself. Even though we were invited to Mallorca, it was a fairly run-of-the-mill event, mainly because they made sure we don’t have time… » 4/27/15 10:05am 6 minutes ago

BMW should make a 450i and A 660i

To preface, I am a lover of BMW. The E46 M3 was the first car I truly lusted after (and still do) and since then I have come to appreciate all that the M division has accomplished since its inception. But in the last few years, I have seen many criticisms come toward BMW and their decisions on where to take their… » 4/27/15 9:56am 14 minutes ago