Good for Sly

this is great news for a guy who made brilliant music that sold well - hell the licensing from Toyota using Everyday People for a decade should have kept poor Sly Stone off the streets at least. I included his homeless self in one of my music features even. 5 million coming to him. Now stay off the drugs, and keep… » 1/28/15 4:32pm 3 minutes ago

Does Anyone Have Any Artsy Photos They Took???

This is going to sound quite odd but I have to make some "local" magazine for a newspaper project. I want to put some "fan photography" in it and thought it would be cool if you had anything to share! It can be of nature, buildings, maybe even your car (especially if its European). Thanks in advance for your help! » 1/28/15 3:53pm 41 minutes ago

Jetta 2.5 Weirdness - A question, and a Hellcat for your time.

So I went out to run a few errands with my wife today, and we noticed that her 2.5L Jetta (about to turn 30k - due for 30k service) has a rather untoward vibration at idle all of a sudden. She's a magnificent driver, manual obviously, and has never done anything behind the wheel that would jar one of the motor mounts… » 1/28/15 2:55pm Today 2:55pm