RANT: think of others, especially YOU dart players. (+language)

I have mentioned in other posts how often I stay in hotels for work. When a darts competition is in town, NOBODY gets to sleep. I guess achieving drunk level 8, talking loudly in halls at 3am next to as many doors as possible is acceptable good Samaritan behavior? Fuck you. Some of us have to work in the morning. So… » 9/20/14 4:54am Today 4:54am

Announcements; 'photo dumps to come', and 'yes I am that guy'.

I am that guy that parks at the back of the lot, but I'm sure that probably about 75% off us are those guys. My class and I were out shooting for A.P. photography, and I managed to snag a somewhat nice shot of my baby. Also, holy crap it has been a long time since I have been on here. A photo dump of some cars I saw… » 9/20/14 2:59am Today 2:59am