Late night tunes: Cruise on, Edition

It's 12:30 AM. You are driving through the empty streets of your town\city. It's late spring. Your windows are down, and the wind is warm. You flick on the radio as you stop at a light. and then it comes on. Your song. The Song. AS you sing the lyrics, the light turns green, and with V8 Burble, an Inline 6 wail, an… » 3/02/15 2:56am Today 2:56am

Looks Like the Guy Who Bought the Packard Plant is Insane...

This article in Crain's says he wants to buy the Book Tower, Book Building, Penobscot Building, Albert Kahn Building and the Fisher Building. Those buildings total 2436000 square feet, and would cost (in my totally uneducated guess) at least $50 million. On top of the 3.5 square foot Packard Plant he already has,… » 3/02/15 12:32am Today 12:32am