What's Your Favorite type of car or story?

Hello Lurkers, OP-Lockers, Hooners, Hooniganers, drifters, mudders, street racers, bench racer, old BMW aficionados, fans of North Korea's fines vehicles and whoever else is reading this. I have recently been granted the mystical power of authorship. What I'm wondering is what do you all enjoy? Jalopnik/Oppositeā€¦ » 9/23/14 6:41pm 36 minutes ago

Colin Farrell as one True Detective, Vaughn as Villain

Colin Farrell will play one of the 3 cops in the second series of HBO's True Detective, and Vince Vaughn will play the villain of the piece. Why are we not talking about this yet? What do you guys think? » 9/23/14 6:29pm 48 minutes ago