College rant. Warning: language.

Holy shit fuck Kean University. If you live in NJ and are looking at colleges, don't bother looking at Kean. If you want to dorm, living in a dumpster with a homeless man would be a more enjoyable experience than living at Kean. There are 4 separate construction projects going on in the middle of the semester and now… » 4/24/14 8:42pm 43 minutes ago

Fine, I'll play along. Here's my house from my own street view

Just closed on it last Friday. Our first house and my very own garage. 2.5 cars, but it's deep. I'm hoping to get a nice workbench and some cabinets in there before winter arrives. Either epoxy or a RaceDeck floor will eventually make it's way in, but I have a feeling that those may be further down the line and I'll… » 4/24/14 8:41pm 44 minutes ago