FIA Officials Allegedly Trying To Get Ex Doc Fired

Dr Gary Hartstein, former F-1 Medical Delgate, protege of Dr Sid Watkins, and Jalopnik contributor has apparently been targeted by the FIA in an effort to get him removed from his position at the University Hospital of Liege. Mind, he hasn't worked for the FIA for some time. They are apparently trying to get him… » 12/20/14 10:28pm 22 minutes ago

The Camaro in it's ultimate racing habitat...of Europe? (vids)

YES! Well, let's begin with the concept that the new Camaro SS has quite a bit of desirable ability. Decently sized body and well designed suspension and a decently sized engine for sure. Enough for some European racing types to chance taking it's beautifully ugly mug and shove it down competitors throats, or at least… » 12/20/14 9:40pm Today 9:40pm