Hmmm, Jezebel bookmark on my iPad?

It seems as though my 14 year old daughter has been heading into some uncharted waters when dad's not at home. I find "kitchenette" and jez on my iPad tonight. Kitchenette isn't too bad, as I'm fairly certain she is interested in the food articles more than anything. However, jez is a whole different matter. Their… » 9/24/14 12:26am 56 minutes ago

Wanted to slap the shit out of my exchange student today.

Let me start off by saying that every other week we have a lady that comes and does the deep cleaning around our house (Moping, dusting, etc). She's been doing it for years and she's a wonderful lady! Well today when I was pulling into the drive way my exchange student told me I needed to pull forward a little bit… » 9/23/14 11:41pm Yesterday 11:41pm