Could you ride this bike?

I would like to think that I could figure out how to ride this bike pretty quickly, but I suspect it is way more difficult than it seems like it should be. There is a really simple modification, the handlebars are geared to the fork so that the wheel turns in the opposite direction of a normal bike. » 4/28/15 2:24pm 15 minutes ago

Advice on flying into and getting around NYC?

Does anybody have experience dealing with flying into NYC and getting ground transport from the airport to the city? I’m in the process of planning either a day trip or overnighter there for next month for work purposes, depending on timing. I need to be pretty much in the center of Manhattan @ 8:30am. IF I get a… » 4/28/15 2:16pm 23 minutes ago

Every Porsche 918 Deserves To Be Driven Like This

From a Hyundai Veloster to a Lamborghini Murcielago, the “warm-up” Dustball Rally traversed 25 unique vehicles from El Paso to Las Vegas....via Utah? This is the world’s most ridiculous rally, taking the road less traveled, leaving participants guessing until they see something that is recognizable (according to rally… » 4/28/15 2:12pm 27 minutes ago

God Drives one of These....

I’ve driven Porsche’s before. I’ve driven lots of Porsche’s before. The 914, the 928, the 944 (Turbo, S2, and I own a naturally aspirated single cam), my son will take over the very 924 that I personally learned to drive a manual on. I’ve been sideways in various Boxter’s (2.5, 2.7, 3.2 liter “S”), I’ve even driven… » 4/28/15 2:05pm 34 minutes ago

My Co-worker and I are going to play a game.

It’s called re-fill. We both have starbucks cups from the one around the corner, you know the one. Anyway, my venti-ice coffee usually runs around $3/per cup.....we both realized refills are only $0.50. We are going to see how long we can continue to get refills....cause he’s a broke-ass mofo and I’m so cheap I’ll… » 4/28/15 1:33pm Today 1:33pm