Punish your Ears

Hello, my late night brethren. We have a tie in need of breaking. Nicotine and Joy Williams are tied for the lead in best cover, with Aurora, Paul Anka, Red, and Cary Brothers all a single vote back. Help us establish a winner. And if you still haven't voted in the Battle of the Champions, you really need to get on… » 9/20/14 11:58pm 44 minutes ago

So I've been browsing Fiat performance parts...

For that possible upcoming project I talked about yesterday, and all the stuff mentioned in the Guy Croft manual is available in the several online stores you guys linked to me yesterday. It's not gonna be cheap, but at least it seems doable. One thing that's great about Guy's tuning method is that the "stages" are… » 9/20/14 11:50pm 53 minutes ago

Hey! Canadians! Come over here for a second. What are your cars?

I was just sitting around thinking about you Canadians who seem to be posting a lot in recent minutes. Since I have you all gathered here, I'd like to ask, what are the great Canadian-made cars? The only one I can think of is the awesome Bricklin SV-1. Anything else out there? And please refrain from posting cars from… » 9/20/14 11:22pm Yesterday 11:22pm