What is your favorite video game OST?

As some of you may know I have the highly controversial opinion that after playing every Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite Final Fantasy. However no matter what you think of Final Fantasy 8 I don't think anyone would argue that the music is some of Nobuo Uematsu's best work with songs like "Man with the… » 8/29/14 9:34pm 55 minutes ago

BLACKRACETRUCK!!!!! A few pics/vids from drag racing last Friday.

I took blacktruck (2014 Ram 1500 Express) drag raging at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington last Friday. My fastest run was a 14.7 @ 95mph, for reference that puts it right between a Fiesta ST and Focus ST, according to Car and Driver. I was hoping to run a 14.8 so the 14.7 made me super happy. I also got a .010… » 8/29/14 9:29pm Today 9:29pm