Cant effing stand this guy. Another episode of Crap Car TV shows

Here we have the main host of Graveyard Carz, Mark. The premise of the show is the same as every other car shop / restoration project operation. They specialize in Dodge/Plymouth which I think is cool (rather than every single type of car from here to there). There's a lot of specific and unusual information even. » 11/26/14 8:02pm 57 minutes ago

Looking to trade 350Z 6MT for GTI DSG. Where to return Oppo Card?

I bought my Z when I was working from home and didn't anticipate such a huge commute. Now I work about 35 miles from home and I also go to the gym at work. So just from commuting I'm doing 400 miles a week. 20 MPG, and I usually try and find 0% ethanol gas which comes to about $3.60-3.80 a gallon. You do the math. » 11/26/14 7:42pm Today 7:42pm

Um, so nevermind on that black 4Runner

Dealer just called me back. They have 2 separate used car lots. My sales guy is on the "budget" lot and this 4Runner was on the regular used lot. When he called over to the other used lot, the manager there said "so do you know the 4wd low range doesn't engage?" He told me immediately, and I said no thanks. » 11/26/14 7:23pm Today 7:23pm